Bachelor Night in America, the number one Bachelor podcast in the universe (self-proclaimed) in conjunction with Water Cooler Sports is running a Bachelor Survivor Pool.  The winner will receive a Bachelor Night in America T-Shirt!  Holy SHIT!

The Rules:

  • Pick one girl per week.  If she makes it through that episode* you survive to the next week (*Note that it is by “episode” NOT Rose Ceremony)
  • You can only pick each girl once – so for example, if you pick Hannah G for next week’s episode, you cannot pick her again for the rest of the season.  Choose wisely.
  • You must get your picks in by 7:00 Eastern Time – Depending on how many people join we may try to reach out to you if you haven’t made a pick but that is not guaranteed.  To ensure your pick is in, just get your pick to us by 7:00.  So this means your pick for next episode must be in by Monday, January 14th, by 7:00 Eastern

Hey Ketch, how do I submit my pick?

Great question.  You can do it a few different ways:

Send us a direct message on Twitter at either:

Send us a direct message on Instagram at

OR you can e-mail the official e-mail of Bachelor Night in America


You only need to provide your name and your pick in any case.  

Good luck and may the best man or woman win.