I saw this tweet earlier today…

…and let me be the first to tell Greg Popovich, the Spurs and the entire city of San Antonio, fuck you.

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Kristaps is our unicorn. We suffered for YEARS waiting for our savior to arrive and finally, by the grace of God on June 25, 2015, Kristaps Porzingis came to us at the #4 pick.

Now, I get that Bleacher Report may just have posted this to get clicks (something I can respect) but no. No. NO. NO!!

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They can have all the interest in the world (I mean, who wouldn’t? Guy’s a stud!), but let’s not let this FOR A SECOND become a “Should Steve Mills look into dealing KP?

We shouldn’t.

KP, if you’re reading this, we – the REAL New York Knick fans, not the idiots at Bleacher Report who just want to stir up controversy – want you HERE, nay, NEED you here at 4 Penn Plaza.

Fuck these rumors and fuck even the IDEA that this could get into his head and make him think less of our love for him.