Hector Gomez, who’s Twitter page is almost completely written in Spanish reported that Manny Machado is ruling the New York Yankees out.  Machado will reportedly choose either the Phillies or the White Sox, and believe it or not, the White Sox may have emerged as the favorite.


Yes, the White Sox.  They’ve signed his brother-in-law, Yonder Alonso, because everyone loves to work with the person that is fucking their sister.  They’ve also signed his best friend in the whole wide world, Jon Jay.  So are the White Sox actually going to get Machado?

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I don’t care what Hector Gomez says, there is no chance Machado does not sign with the Yankees.  Look, I’m in no way trying downplay what Hector Gomez, unblue-checkmarked Hispanic reporter is reporting.  It’s just that I’ve seen this song and dance too many goddamn times.  A-Rod was a Red Sox, and then OOPS, now he’s a Yankee.  Remember Mark Teixiera?  Yeah I remember sitting in my basement and seeing on ESPN’s bottom line that “Mark Teixiera is close to signing with Red Sox” to literally minutes later seeing him sign with the Yankees.  Not to mention this dickhead was born to be a Yankee.  He’s got the face, the attitude, he’s already a villain.  Just put him where he needs to be.

So no, I’m sorry Hector Gomez. I don’t think that the Yankees are “out of the running” for Manny Machado.  I don’t think that for one goddamn second.