Does anyone else find it weird that Tim Tebow just HAPPENED to get engaged the same week that the world famous virgin Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor kicked off?

I’m not saying this was planned, BUT wouldn’t it be a great way for some other virgin to maybe take the heavy artillery of everyone’s best virgin jokes, and then when Tebow slides in and proposes a few days later, everyone is all out of the hard hitting stuff??

Well, unlucky for Tebow, the bullies of #BachelorNation and the bullies of college football/the NFL/minor league baseball aren’t one and the same. They are very much separate entities, and as such, just as one group of bullies was finished beating up Colton for being a virgin, the next group of bullies was ready to shred Tebow…

I give you, the best of “Tebow Got Engaged, Let’s Shred Him” Twitter!!