I’ve held my tongue on this for a while, but I cannot anymore.  I’ve really tried to be a more positive person the last few years and not be a “hater,” but I can’t on this one.  I just can’t.  The “Ten Year Challenge” or “How Hard Have You Aged Challenge” is so fucking stupid and I have lost respect for countless people for partaking in it.

What is the goddamn point of it?  Seriously?  People post their picture and they’re like “OH MY GOD I LOOK MARGINALLY OLDER THAN I DID TEN YEARS AGO THIS IS SO CRAZY!”  Hey idiots, that’s how time works.  Years pass, your body changes.  In middle school it was called puberty.  Now it’s just called getting old and out of shape.  Why anyone feels the need to document this to the public is beyond me.

And not just that, but how can you even categorize this as a “challenge”?  Webster’s Dictionary defines the noun challenge as “a stimulating task or problem.”  What about posting two photos of yourself is “stimulating” or a “problem” or even a “task” for that matter!?  The “Ice Bucket Challenge” a few years ago was a challenge because I think we can all agree dumping a bucket of ice cold water on your head is a stimulating task.  The military push-up challenge is a challenge because you are stimulating yourself by doing push ups.  The “How Hard Have You Aged Challenge” though?  Kiss my ass.

As I’ve gone through, I’ve seen a few different kinds of posts when it comes to this dumbass “challenge.”

Sentimental Sally: This one is when someone writes like “Ten years ago I was completely lost.  I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life.  Over time, I found out who I truly was, met the man/woman of my dreams and am happier now than I ever have been before.  While it’s been hard, I wouldn’t trade my experiences over my past ten years for anything because they made me who I am today.”  This one may pepper in specific, and TMI ACTUAL challenges they faced like addiction, money problems, school problems or something like that.  It also makes you feel a little bit bad for hating on Sentimental Sally because Sentimental Sally is the type of person who will record everything that happens in their life on Facebook/Instagram so you’ve seen the actual struggles they’ve gone through.  At its core though, it’s still a dumb post that I don’t really care about.

Goofy Gary:  This is usually a guy.  A lot of times they pick a clearly shitty picture of them from ten years ago when they were either really scrawny or really fat and then find a current picture of themselves now that could be sent to GQ.  Their post usually goes something like this: “Ha! Ten years ago as a scrawny/fat kid I used to hate going to the gym.  But boy oh boy I didn’t realize it would actually pay off LOL” **Hubie Brown Voice** Now Goofy Gary isn’t really just saying that’s really crazy and funny that he’s changed so much, he’s actually saying “All the chicks that saw me as a scrawny/fat kid ten years ago, look at me now, and hmu because I think I’m super hot now so you should hmu so we can bang.” 

I Look The Same Ida:  I would imagine girls fucking HATE I Look The Same Ida because she actually does look the same as she did ten years ago.  Her post may be something like “Wow I guess I haven’t changed a bit LOL!!!” Again, nobody fucking cares.

I Look Completely Different Ian: This is the person that says they look “completely different” but don’t because the way aging works is that you are physically the same person you were ten years ago.  This guy may have a beard in his “current” picture which is why he is saying he looks completely different.  His (or her) post would say “Wow!  I can’t even BELIEVE this is ME!  I look NOTHING like I did ten years ago!!  Look at that beard!!”  This one usually overlaps with Goofy Gary.

Here Goes Nothing Henrietta: You know exactly what I’m talking about with this one.  We’ve all seen this.  It’s the person who is a little late to the party and they start this post with “Well I guess I’ll join the fun…” or “Ugh I didn’t want to, but since everyone else is, here goes nothin!”  They may then follow it up with one of the above post types.

In any case, in any post, it’s stupid and pointless.  It is not a challenge and I think that’s what my hatred boils down to.  If you’re going to call it a challenge, make it a goddamn challenge.