Short answer?  Nope.  And yet because it was Tom Brady and the Patriots, the rules now have to be changed because it isn’t “fair.”

Nick Lachey even weighing in

And there’s a bajillion more.  Look, I’m not going to sit here and say I don’t agree because I do.   I think the NFL overtime rule is one of those things that fans universally hate and wish they would change.  I concur that it makes no sense that the other team’s offense may not have a chance to have a rebuttal.  I mean hell, even in beer pong you get a rebuttal!  I don’t care if they change it to the college rules or if they just make it one ten minute quarter (fifth?) or what, but yeah, they probably should tweak something.

My issue here is that if the Chiefs won the toss and Patrick Mahomes marched them down field and they scored without Tom Brady and the Patriots touching the ball, you wouldn’t hear boo.  You can bet your ass you wouldn’t hear “Oh Tom Brady and the Pats deserved a chance to take his offense down the field too!”  No!  You’d hear about how incredible it was that Patrick Mahomes drove the Chiefs down, made some insane third down passes to keep the drive alive and scored to go to the Super Bowl.

Bear in mind I am not a Patriots fan.  I’m a Giants fan so I’m actually pretty neutral on the Pats and if I’m being honest, I was probably hoping for the Chiefs to win because I wanted the Super Bowl to be a replay of that insane Rams/Chiefs Monday night game a few weeks ago.  I am just sick and tired of hearing all these haters bitch about the Patriots shouldn’t have won because it wasn’t fair.  It’s the rules!  The rules suck, but it’s the rules!  Get over it!  Maria Taylor, Deion Sanders, Nick Lachey (LOL), ProFootball Talk, everyone else, you’re sounding like Andy Bernard.Andy.jpg Which is hilarious when you’re being ironic, but it’s just sad when you’re serious.  Suck it up.