Ketch & Junior break down the action from another action packed week with some help from Erin (aka “Cinderella) as she joins the show to grade the dates with the guys [3:44-27:22]. They also have a fun interview with Caitlin [27:45-38:29] where they talk about many things including how she got strong enough to pull a limo!


  • The State of Colton [1:10-3:29],
  • Date Grades and MVP/LVP (with special guest Erin Landry) [10-28-27:22],
  • Pool Moves [42:04-44:38],
  • Rivalry Watch [44:40-53:53],
  • Job Recruitment [54:15-57:04],
  • Quotes [57:06-59:45],
  • Top 3 Bottom 2 [59:45-1:04:22],
  • Survivor Picks [1:04:24-1:06:14],
  • and Bold Predictions [1:06:16-1:07:33].







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