Did I JUST write a post a couple days ago about how Jimmy Harden’s 61 point night against the Knicks was superrrr inefficient and that Melo’s back in 2014 was SOOOOOO much better? Yes.

But that was more of me defending my legendary first Knicks game at MSG, defending the Knicks in general (who almost won that game… nbd) and defending Melo #OnceAKnick #AlwaysAKnick.

But if you look at Harden’s body of work, the WHOLE body of work, this season… It’s insane.

Check it out, game-by-game since the start of the season, THIS is what Harden has done:

James Harden's Game Log 2018-2019 season stats ppg.png

Those colors mean that, of Houston’s 48 games this season:

  • ORANGE: only six times has Harden scored less than 20, THREE of which were games he didn’t play (so really those shouldn’t even count). Call that THREE real games he played.
  • YELLOW: Harden has scored between 20 & 29 points ten times… Not bad, okay!
  • LIGHT GREEN: Fifteen times, Harden has dropped between 30 and 39. FIFTEEN.
  • GREEN: Twelve times has he scored in the 40’s. Twelve. A dozen.
  • DARKER GREEN: Four times has be gone OVER fifty.
  • DARKEST GREEN: Of course it happened against the Knicks, but Harden did over sixty once.

Guys, Harden has only played 48 games. FORTY EIGHT.

To put it in perspective, let’s say hypothically you went to a random Rockets game this season… Here is the likelihood you’d see the following things happen:

  • 12.5% = You saw Harden score less than 20 (or DNP)
  • 20.8%= You saw him score in the 20’s
  • 31.3% = You saw him score in the 30’s
  • 25% = You saw him score in the 40’s
  • 8.3% = You saw him score in the 50’s
  • 2% = You saw him play the Knicks score over 60


I just want to throw out the numbers, because the numbers are sick. As boring as it is to watch him draw fouls and do his hop-skip-back jumpers 80 times a game, it’s clearly something that works! Jimmy knows something we don’t.

Image result for james harden gif

Just know guys, we are all #witness.