In case you missed me hyping it up on Facebook Live last week…

…but in case you DON’T want to watch me babble in video form because I’m ugly, here’s the long and short of it:

Water Cooler Sports had its most traffic our site has experienced since March of 2017, which is NUTS. The main driving force is the Bachelor craze that has hit our site. People are Googling “What are the Bachelor’s contestants Instagrams? and we keep coming up aces (well, we show up as the forth result).

That one post alone netted us 5,106 views.

Almost three years into this site’s existence, we are still very much learning who we are and what is successful as far as driving traffic to the site, but considering Ketch & Junior’s success with their Bachelor Night in America, we may have found ourselves a cornerstone for Water Cooler Sports.

If we can build momentum off some of these Bachelor franchise shows, maybe, JUST MAYBE, we can turn this site into something.

Thankful for all the clicks, views, visits and fans, and excited for what’s ahead.

Water Cooler Sports may just may it after all.



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