It’s New York City’s Grand Central of illicit sex.

A tiny Queens block has become a booming hotbed of hookers operating out of at least eight Chinese massage parlors, The Post found.

The slim strip of 40th Road in Flushing’s Chinatown, just a short walk from Citi Field, has become a 24/7 destination for sex-seeking horndogs from all over the metro area, as “masseuses” brazenly compete for johns on the narrow sidewalks.

(Source: NY Post.)

Meat the Mets! Meat the Mets!!

I mean, seriously talk about finding a way to win over the city!

For years, the Mets have been the Yankees little kid brother. Constantly rolling over to get their bellies pet, despite having a WAY more fun stadium with better food (don’t @ me… no seriously don’t do it) and a couple starting pitchers who absolute beasts, meanwhile the Yanks would trot out the likes of Jordan Montgomery & Sonny Gray. No matter what the Mets do, they’re always just the “other” team in New York.

Well, that was until now!!!

Having this sort of, how should we call this, ATTRACTION nearby CitiField is exactly the sort of move that Mets fans in Queens have been demanding (in complete silence), and the Wilpons heard LOUD AND CLEAR*!!

For years, fans have complained what an eyesore it is to walk outside the AWESOME new(ish) CitiField and you just see shitty chop-shops, and you feel like you’re going to be Paul Pierce’d by some chulo if you so little as cross the street.

But now??? Walking by those same scary ass chop-shops might just get you EXACTLY the thrill you’re looking for as your pants seem to develop this interesting new pleat in the front while you and some Chinese woman you met 5 seconds earlier REALLY hit it off and decide you just need a massage after the Mets bullpen just blew another game and you’re ready to blow your head off!!

Being a Mets fan can be stressful, might as take a load off…

No, literally.

mets fans with new attraction near stadium brothel.png






* = Okay, maybe they have nothing to do with it. Actually, PROBABLY they have nothing to do with it… But my God if they did, they’re out here playing chess while the other 29 franchises are playing checkers.