I woke up this morning to see former Notre Dame great Matt Farrell hit a game winner for the Delaware Blue Coats last night.


I mean, of course he did. The guy is the grittiest gamer I’ve ever seen with straight ice water in his veins.

But it got me to thinking… After yesterday’s trade deadline/waive-fest of player movement, what teams have open roster spots?

Rockets. Knicks. Blazers. Raptors.

All four of those teams have under 15 total roster counts, which means they can sign the greatest point guard in our generation to their teams (and would be dumb not to).

But fit-wise, I get teams just jumping at him especially given three of those teams are postseason bound (Rockets, Blazers and Raptors are 5th, 4th & 2nd in their conferences respectively) and may want someone with playoff experience… However, that leaves one team…


Tell me how he doesn’t fit the youth movement AND Fiz’s commitment for gritty defensive-minded, scrappy guys… I mean, either get Farrell or maybe pickup Water Cooler Sports fan Ron Baker (he IS a Free Agent… just sayin).

Since Farrell’s days at Notre Dame he has done nothing but provide great decision making and tenacity to the court, and I just loved seeing him hitting this game winner. Almost got me as fired up and when this happened:

Guys, I promised a long time I was going to speak this into existence, let’s do it. Let’s get Matt Farrell on the squad!!





P.S. Found this amazing Photoshop work from back in the day, and it needs to get some shine: