Veteran move by the farmers having their protest out in front of Cagliari’s training center.  If there’s one thing those Italians love more than bending their milk farmers over a barrel, it’s soccer so I think I speak for the entire Sardinian government when I say, protesters, you have our attention.

The issue here is that the government of Sardinia (I think) is selling milk for very cheap and thus the milk farmers aren’t making money off of their product.  I guess on average, it costs “€1 plus VAT” to make milk.  Full disclosure, I have no idea what “€1 plus VAT” means.  I don’t even know how to make the Euro symbol.  I had to copy and paste it……

Quick Google search tells me that “€1 plus VAT” means “one Euro plus value-added tax.”  I’m not even going to pretend to be a currency guy, but I believe it breaks down as such:

  • It costs the farmers 1 Euro plus VAT to make a bottle of milk.
  • The VAT rate in Italy is 22%
  • This means that it costs €1.22 to make the milk.
  • Sardinia is selling it for €1.20

Cuban“I don’t like those margins, Sardinian Farmers.”

After doing that in depth research, it makes sense that the farmers are pissed.  In fact, they’re so pissed that a lot of them are just saying fuck it and destroying their milk.  As a lover of milk, this makes me sad.  milk.jpgAll that milk going to waste.  I finally know how the intellectuals felt when they saw book burnings, and let me tell you, it’s not great.  If they’re going to waste all that perfectly good milk, at least do it in a sexy way.sexymilkfergie milkfergiemilkkimmilkkimmilk2I bet you could even convince Fergie and Kim Kardashian to be the faces of your movement!

Now let’s focus back on the Cagliari team.  I guess some of their players have shown support for their farmers by also dumping milk out.  They’re also currently 15th in the Serie A Table (why can’t they just call it the “standings?”), and four points above the relegation line.  But I’ll tell you what, this milk situation might be exactly what the doctors ordered for Cagliari.  Look for them to rally around these farmers and march directly to the championship cup.  I know I would not want to play Cagliari any time soon.

Never underestimate the power of milk.