This might be the least relate-able post of all time… but you know what? YOLO.

In NYC, there is the motto “once a Knick, always a Knick.” In the greater Capitol Region, there’s another saying, it goes “once a Siena Saints coach, always a Siena Saints coach.

Okay, maybe not OFFICIALLY, but there might as well be…

I myself didn’t go to Siena (Junior did though, shoutout Junior), but I did grew up on Saints basketball, so I remember the time when Fran McCaffery ran that program and I fancy myself a pretty big Saints fan.

From what I remember, Coach Fran single highhandedly turned Siena from a run-of-the-mill MAAC team (aka fairly irrelevant) to a damn good team (aka a team that made it to the NCAA tournament regularly and even upset teams like Vanderbilt and Ohio State in the First Rounds in 2008 and 2009 respectively).

After a few straight appearances in March Madness, Fran had grown into a little too big of a fish for the Siena pond, and he was scooped up by the Iowa Hawkeyes*. So on to Iowa flew our beautiful Franny boy!

Over his nine years as head coach, Franny has had some up and down years, 2018-19 being a “up” year for sure… Something that I think most Siena fans should be pumped about. After Sunday’s comeback win over Northwestern, Fran’s Iowa Hawkeyes now sit at #17 in the polls but #1 in our hearts.

If you missed the comeback… trust me, you won’t be disappointed:

This was a visual of the odds Iowa had as that game went on…┬áAbsolutely insane:

Only elite basketball minds could pull that sort of comeback off… Which If I had to name off the top of my head: Red Holzman, Jeff Van Gundy, Fran McCaffery, Jimmy Patsos and EVENTUALLY John Griffin once he takes the reigns of head coach somewhere.

Regardless, great to see one of our own killing it out there, I really feel like a proud father… You know, if Coach McCaffery wasn’t 31 years older than me.





* = No hard feelings though, because this just paved the way for the next Siena legend Jimmy “Fatso” Patsos.