Junior texted this to me earlier and my immediate thought was that the Tweet was fake… No way he would tweet that, right? RIGHT?!


Umm… So you’re telling me that the guy, whose WHOLE season of The Bachelor is about him being a virgin, is going to publicly tweet something that insinuates he eats TOO MUCH box??

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Now, since I started writing this post, Junior informed me that apparently Colton just eats a lot of peanut butter and THAT is the joke…

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This dude finally got laid and is bragging about how much box he’s chowing down on. I really refuse to believe anything otherwise.

Bold move regardless by Colton. Joke or no joke, innuendo or otherwise, this tweet was bold. He HAD to have known what he was doing and the rise he would cause.



Is There Such a Thing as Eating TOO Much Box??