Okay, maybe this isn’t a hot take because literally no one ever could/would debate this.

Admittedly, I may be living in the moment a BIT after his dominance last night against the league’s “best” center Joel Embiid… But get this:

Right now, Mitch’s contract is a 4yr/$6.5M dollar deal, with only the first two years guaranteed and basically the team decides if it’s a 2, 3 or 4 year deal. All reward, very little risk.

Right now, Mitch ALSO is leading the league in blocks per 48 minutes played by a LARGE margin, he averages 5.58 and the next closest guy has 4.66. That’s almost an entire block more per 48 minutes played. Insane.

And last night he MURDERED Joel Embiid and then dragged his body around Times Square, time and time again:

So to summarize… Scott Perry, sniped this absolute freak in the 2nd round, and then locked him up on the team-friendliest deal on the planet? That’s huuuuuuge. Now we have a player essentially being paid pennies, who will impact our team in a HUGE way while we spend our actual money on a couple superstars. This actually may be the start of something GREAT.

Mitchell Robinson might not have been the hero we thought was going to save us, but make no mistake, he could save us.

A young, star talent on a deal like that can change our franchise, and I am #AllIn on the Mitchell Robinson Era.





P.S. I read that two weeks ago Kerry Kittles, former NJ Nets LEGEND & Scott Perry’s childhood friend (and a player who young Tayls grew up idolizing and had TWO jerseys of… nbd), had talked to Robinson and suggested how to better play defense, stop reaching and how to, oh, I don’t know, maybe NOT foul out every game while only playing like 15 minutes!! Seems like of late, Mitch has listened.