Let’s call a spade a spade here. If you’re a fan of a team, you wanna follow the players. What do they have going on, whether they’re nerds, who they’re dating… Totally normal and NOT stalker behavior! We just wanna know who we’re rooting for!!

So what did I do? I did the heavy lifting for everyone on the entire internet (well… Yankees fans at least). YOU’RE WELCOME INTERNET!!

Below are all the Yankees, with both their Twitter AND Instagram handles, so you can either @ them words of encouragement, or maybe let them have it if they’re playing like sh*t!!

Without any further ado – and pretending like you didn’t just scroll by this first introductory chatter – your 2019 New York Yankees’ Twitters & Instagrams!!!


albert abreu.jpg

Albert Abreu

Twitter: @AbreuAlbert26
Instagram: N/A

domingo acevedo.jpg

Domingo Acevedo

Twitter: @DomAcevedo41
Instagram: @acevedo_4

chance adams.jpg

Chance Adams

Twitter: N/A
Instagram: @chanceadams_

dellin betances.jpg

Dellin Betances

Twitter: @DBetances68
Instagram: dbetances68

zack britton.jpg

Zack Britton

Twitter: @zbritton
Instagram: zbritton

luis cessa.jpg

Luis Cessa

Twitter: LuisCessaMx
Instagram: kikecessa

aroldis chapman.jpg

Aroldis Chapman

Twitter: @Achapman_105
Instagram: @_thecubanmissile54

domingo german.jpg

Domingo German

Twitter: @Domingo_German4
Instagram: @domingogermandr

chad green.jpg

Chad Green

Twitter: @chadgreen24
Instagram: Chad_Green91

j.a. happ.jpg

J.A. Happ

Twitter: N/A
Instagram: N/A

ben heller.jpg

Ben Heller

Twitter: BenHeller21
Instagram: benheller21

jonathan holder

Jonathan Holder

Twitter: @jholder14
Instagram: jonathan.holder

tommy kahnle.jpg

Tommy Kahnle

Twitter: N/A
Instagram: N/A

jonathan loaisiga.jpg

Jonathan Loaisiga

Twitter: N/A
Instagram: loaisiga_89

jordan montgomery.jpg

Jordan Montgomery

Twitter: gumbynation34
Instagram: gumbynation34

adam ottavino.jpg

Adam Ottavino

Twitter: N/A
Instagram: adamottavino

james paxton.jpg

James Paxton

Twitter: james_paxton
Instagram: alstonpaxton

cc sabathia.jpg

CC Sabathia

Twitter: cc_sabathia
Instagram: cc_sabathia

luis severino.jpg

Luis Severino

Twitter: luisseverino94
Instagram: severino40

masahiro tanaka.jpg

Masahiro Tanaka

Twitter: t_masahiro18
Instagram: masahiro_tanaka.official

stephen tarpley.jpg

Stephen Tarpley

Twitter: @starpley2
Instagram: starps71

kyle higashioka.jpg

Kyle Higashioka

Twitter: the_higster
Instagram: khigashioka

austin romine.jpg

Austin Romine

Twitter: @RORO1671
Instagram: N/A

gary sanchez.jpg

Gary Sanchez

Twitter: elgarysanchez
Instagram: elgarysanchez

miguel andujar.jpg

Miguel Andujar

Twitter: MAndujarPapa
Instagram: miguelandujar_02

greg bird.jpg

Greg Bird

Twitter: N/A
Instagram: _gregbird33

thairo estrada.jpg

Thairo Estrada

Twitter: @thairo22estrada
Instagram: thairo22estrada

didi gregorius.jpg

Didi Gregorius

Twitter: didig18
Instagram: sirdidig18

dj lemahieu.jpg

DJ LeMahieu

Twitter: DJLeMahieu
Instagram: N/A

gleyber torres.jpg

Gleyber Torres

Twitter: torresgleyber
Instagram: gleyberdavid

troy tulowitzki.jpg

Troy Tulowitzki

Twitter: N/A
Instagram: N/A

luke voit.jpg

Luke Voit

Twitter: LLVIII40
Instagram: lukevoit

tyler wade

Tyler Wade

Twitter: _tylerwade
Instagram: tylerwade

jacoby ellsbury.jpg

Jacoby Ellsbury

Twitter: @JacobyEllsbury
Instagram: jacobyellsbury

clint frazier.jpg

Clint Frazier

Twitter: clintfrazier
Instagram: clintfrazierr

brett gardner.jpg

Brett Gardner

Twitter: N/A
Instagram: N/A

aaron hicks.jpg

Aaron Hicks

Twitter: aaronhicks31
Instagram: ahicks31

aaron judge.jpg

Aaron Judge

Twitter: thejudge44
Instagram: thejudge44

giancarlo stanton.jpg

Giancarlo Stanton

Twitter: @Giancarlo818
Instagram: @giancarlo818

God, the three hours it just took to do this better have saved you all MILLIONS of hours (assuming this post is a hit… if not, I guess this was a complete waste! #oops #yolo).