Guys, let’s take a minute and talk about etiquette.

I’m not talking about the right way to pass the food or which fork to use first, or how to eat bread, I’m talking about sidewalk etiquette… More specifically NYC Sidewalk Etiquette.

It has come to my attention recently that some people are completely oblivious to the entire outside world and I need to rant because it’s absolute insanity.

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Most sidewalks are wide enough that if you want to walk slowly next to your friend (or if you’re lucky enough multiple¬†FRIENDS), people that get stuck behind you can easily walk around you.

However, as NYC is a city where there is construction on every corner (it’s so great), you need to know how to walk and not make a complete jackass out of yourself.

If a sidewalk has construction going on and the width of it is reduced to something only about two people can pass through – BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS. Check your six, maybe you’re walking super slow and holding up traffic. Look ahead, see if someone needs to get by you.

But don’t keep your head down while talking to your friend walking like nobody else in the world exists!

If this happened to me just once, it’d be easy to not be overly worked up about… But this happens like at least once a week if not more. And every time I pass them, I make to to give them a look like, “Watch where you’re going asshole!

watch where youre going.gif

Has NYC changed me into a dickhead with zero patience for strangers? Maybe… But to me, this is more of a “be aware of other people around you” kinda thing. People just need to suck less.

The moral of the story here: Don’t be an asshole guys. There are other people than you walking, trying to get places.

That is all.