Twitter is wild. It gives literally anyone and everyone a voice which I guess is pretty cool, but also at the same time… People stink.

Exhibit A. Elyse from this season of The Bachelor (and special guest on the most listened to Bachelor Night in America episode ever) missed Tuesday’s “Women Tell All” episode (where girls that have gotten booted from the show all show up and talk shit on each other or on the bachelor and it’s all good television*) for a good friend’s wedding:

And that harmless Tweet should probably have just been seen and then everyone could have peacefully gone back to scrolling through their feeds, right? RIGHT?!

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Well, apparently her absence really pissed off one particular Bachelor fan (@Jennnblu):

Sooooooo, Elyse misses the show and I get it, maybe Jenn is a big fan of the show, so she’s upset she couldn’t see Elyse again… MAYBE!!

But going at Elyse for her “priorithies” is OUTRAGEOUS… She chose a good friend’s wedding WHICH SHE WAS A BRIDESMAIDย over a TV show appearance that I believe is optional to attend anyway (correct me if I’m wrong here people, but others people on the show have skipped these “Tell All” episodes).

Regardless, Elyse kept a pretty cool demeanor and went back at this troll, letting her know she committed to this over a year ago and that she wasn’t even asked by ABC to record anything, otherwise she would have!

But, of course, this troll JennnBlu just kept going…

What a “diva fanning attempt” is, I won’t ever know, and how Elyse NOT showing up for TV attention is even close to being a “diva” is beyond me… And yet, somehow our girl Elyse again stayed cool and collected:

The point here is… trolls on Twitter STINK and Elyse, despite being subject to these clowns, just took the highest road ever and owned @JennnBluย with calm, reasonable responses.

Props to Elyse, and let the below tweet (โฌ‡๏ธ) be a warning to any future trolls of hers, just like I did went people came @ Nick last season, I’ll be coming for you clowns!!