If you are interesting in recording a podcast, currently are recording a podcast or anywhere in between, holy shit do I have a suggestion for you to make your life easier…


Up until today, the best Bachelor podcast in the universe (self-proclaimed) was hosted on SoundCloud. However, as we only had a basic account (aka the free one), you could only upload up to 3 hours.

If you figure one of our episodes is around 50 minutes, we filled that 3 hour limit PRETTY quickly and we were only ever showing 3/4 podcasts at a time in iTunes… aka we looked like novices.

But Junior, host of Bachelor Night in America and longtime contributor to Water Cooler Sports, mentioned he had heard that this website Anchor might be worth looking into as it was (A) free and (B) apparently was unlimited in how much you can upload.

Free AND unlimited?” I thought to myself. “I kinda doubt it… but I’ll look into it Junior…

Image result for eyeroll the bachelor gif

Well, a week or two went by and Junior, being on top of his shit, followed up – “Hey Tayls, did you check out Anchor?

No, of course I hadn’t. It sounds too good to be true so obviously I ignored it.

Another few days went by, I had some time on my hands at work (like… a TON), so I checked it out.

And what do you know…

Image result for pop bottles bachelor gif


Now, instead of just having a few episodes in iTunes… We have a TON!!

bachelor night in america podcast itunes anchor soundcloud.PNG

From just a few episodes showing to having the ENTIRE* collection of Bachelor Night in America episodes is so legit.

It’s really the little things in life that make me happiest and this… THIS is an example.

Bachelor Night in America is moving on up, just creating even more space between the BEST Bachelor podcast in the universe and the second best.

Oh, and shoutout Anchor for making it all happen. Great platform, super easy to use. Check it out everyone and anyone interested in this sorta thing!!