Ketch and Junior break down the most dramatic finale ever. The break down the hunt for Colton, the decision to dump Tayshia and Hannah G, and of course, Colton’s virginity. They’re also joined by Heather where they talk about everything from kissing, to cats, to thrill rides, and are also joined by Kirpa where they talk about her intense date with Cassie and a lot of dentistry.

Segments include:

  • The State of Colton (with nested segment of “The Hunt for Red Colton”),
  • Opposing Views,
  • *NEW SEGMENT ALERT* Better Breakup,
  • Date Grade,
  • *NEW SEGMENT ALERT* Family Time,
  • *NEW SEGMENT ALERT* Bachelor In Paradise Fantasy Draft,
  • MVP/LVP Of Hannah B’s Men,
  • Quotes,
  • and Bold Predictions.




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