Sure, a Michigan State vs Duke Elite Eight game would be incredible, but you know what would be more incredible?  A Spartan battling a Blue Devil.  Let’s break down the bracket if instead of the teams playing, the mascots and/or nicknames of the teams were battling to the death.  Who would reign supreme?

Let’s start with the play in games

Bisons (North Dakota State) vs Eagles (North Carolina Central)

I get that Eagles fly and are pretty vicious birds, but Bisons are absolute units.  Bison.jpegGranted I don’t really know how these two animals would fight, and logistically speaking I don’t know how exactly a bison would beat an eagle, but I do know that an eagle would not be able to kill a bison before a bison could kill an eagle.  Winner: Bisons

Bruins (Belmont) vs Owls (Temple)

This is similar to our first matchup.  A land animal and an aviation animal. The only difference is that while we all know that Owls are wise, they are not fighters.  You think this guy:


is going to beat a fucking bear?  No shot.  Winner: Bruins

Knights (Fairleigh Dickinson) vs Panthers (Prairie Valley A&M)

Now this could be a good matchup.  One would have to assume a Knight would be equipped with armor, a shield, and a sword.  A Panther is no joke of a feline though.  I feel like panthers are often overlooked because of lions, tigers, and cheetahs, and because of that kind of have a chip on their shoulder.  That’s not a matchup you want to have if you’re a Knight.  A pissed off panther is going to bring the heat.  However, in the end it’s tough to go against a suit of armor and a sword.  Winner: Knight

Sun Devils (Arizona State) vs A Red Storm (St. Johns)

I think this one kind of boils down to what exactly is a red storm?  Is it extreme heat?  If that’s the case, you’d have to think a Sun Devil would be able to withstand that.  I mean look at this:


It’s literally on fire.  No red storm will be able to defeat a sun devil. Plus it’s multiple sun devils that just have to withstand one red storm.  Sure you may have some casualties, but the chances are pretty good that at least some sun devils will come out on the other side of the red storm unscathed.  Winner: Sun Devil

Tomorrow keep an eye out for the East Region!