I gotta hand it to the AAF… The league drew more of my attention than I originally thought it would – in the sense that I ever turned it on at all.

It was cool to see Trent Richardson’s career revive like the Undertake GIF, it was cool to see Johnny Manziel back on a football field (in America), and OF COURSE, it was great to just have SOME sort of football to watch after the Super Bowl ended.

So the fact that play has been suspended, and largely believed to be done and over with, is a little disappointing… despite how much we had heard this was coming for literally what felt like since Week 1.

But I read an interesting little tid-bit today that I thought would share:

So this guy buys the league, doesn’t give a shit about the league itself, just about a small piece of technology that is a part of “the league he bought” so by suspending play and effectively killing the league, he eliminates the most annoying part of being the owner of that league, and instead, owns the only important thing – the technology behind a gambling app.

Image result for wow gif

Tell me this doesn’t remind you of a move you’d heard about in Silicon Valley… Like Tom Dundon is Russ Hanneman, who busts out of his car doors (that of course go up, not out, UP), tells everyone at an AAF conference table, “you guys do ZEROOOOO fucking” and that he only bought the league to get some shitty piece of code that will get him closer to the four comma club.

Except in this case, it wasn’t an HBO show… It was real. There were 400+ players who were trying to revive (or start) their football careers, across eight cities who were trying to get into their newest franchises and, POOF, just like that – gone!

There’s a great lesson to be learned here though, and that’s capitalism baby. The weak die off! This league couldn’t sustain itself, so it’s dead (probably).

You want a league that will survive? It takes timeeeeee, that’s why you have to respect leagues that HAVE lasted the test of time. They took the baby steps necessary before leaping into it. They weren’t forced into selling to (potential) vultures, and everyone knows the vultures were there – they always are!! In this case, a vulture was one of their own… waiting for the opportunity to strike and grab the most valuable thing his league had… and then DUMP IT!!!

Well, only the strong survive and the weak get eaten alive today!

Goodbye AAF, I hardly knew ya and tomorrow I’ll 100% forget ya!!






P.S. To all the players of the AAF who read Water Cooler Sports: this really sucks and I’m sorry for you and your dreams and your families… But hey, now you’re available in real leagues like the XFL NFL and maybe, just maybe, you played well enough to earn yourself a spot!! And if not, you can always write blogs for us! The compensation is a little less than you might imagine (it’s nothing), but it’s fun as shit and DEFINITELY doesn’t cause CTE (if you believe in that sort of thing)!! Send a pdf of your resume to watercoolersports12@gmail.com with the Subject title “AAF Star Looking for Opportunity” that way I’ll know to read it. Thanks!!