With the end of BeerFest as a tradition closing in on us, I thought the last 10 days of BeerFest’s life should have a “Ten Days (Years) of BeerFest” kind of feel to them.

Let’s throw our graduation goggles on and remember the good times. Let’s take a walk down memory lane with each of our remaining 10 days, reminiscing day-by-day year-by-year on how each BeerFest played out (despite the absolute real possibility of me not remembering everything).


I’ve outlined the moment we came up with throwing the idea of BeerFest before… Sitting on the couch, watching Comedy Central, BeerFest was on and we decided that’d be a cool theme party. Boom.

But the lead up to BeerFest was different than most parties… Oddly, we had to go to a Spencer’s in (then) Carousel Mall #RIP to pickup 8 Daas Boots. We had a few of our friends throw together a makeshift trophy our of Skoal & beer cans as we Frankenstein’d the hell out of an old trophy. We figured the trophy gave everyone something to play for.

Also, since this was the first year, we didn’t pre-order a billion kegs. We didn’t know what to expect! Maybe we’d go through, what? Two kegs? I honestly think like we got them delivered from a market across town, Sabastino’s (RIP), and we never thought that we’d end up going through 4 kegs that day. There were only 32 people! 4 kegs would’ve been (and was) kinda ridiculous – eight players to a keg??

The day came and I remembered we only had 7 teams (embarrassing in hindsight), so last minute an eclectic group of kids (one of which was a kid on his recruit trip – a senior in high school) banded together to form the original 8 teams. The people playing – from my memory – were swimmers largely, one basketball team, and at least one rugby team… Honest to God, I couldn’t tell you the rest. 10 years of alcohol abuse has left those details no longer in my brain #SorryNotSorry.

And off we went, keeping track of this tournament on a white board with two playing areas, one upstairs and one in the garage downstairs… Logistically, it was simple and easy to manage.

A few winner’s bracket rounds, a few loser’s bracket rounds, and it really moved along pretty quickly.**

The final championship event, Daas Boot – admittedly one of the only real memories I have of the day, was between Germany and Turkey. It was my team versus the basketball team.

These guys were all over 6 foot behemoths and upperclassmen, and my team was one sophomore and three freshmen – and at the time I was probably 5’8″ 130 lbs soaking wet.

It was legit the Looney Tunes looking up at the Monstars.

Image result for looney tunes monstars gif

I was the anchor my team (with some absurd logic that if it came down to me I’d crush it given the pressure of the situation) and Germany’s team which was anchored by a 6’5″ kid nicknamed “Turkish Jon.”

It was a hell of a race through the first three guys, from my memory it was tied heading into the last boots… Me vs Turkish Jon!

I went at that three beer boot with everything I had… And when I looked up to take a breath, Turkish Jon was done. He must have been done in like 10 seconds. It was absolutely absurd to 18-year old me at the time. I remember looking at my boot with about a beer left thinking, “How the fuck can someone even go faster than I was going?! I was CHUGGING during that 10 seconds!!”

(NOTE: That was a solid dose of reality for the cockiest kid on the planet… Probably the best thing that could’ve happened to me at the time. A little kick to the dick.)

And just like that, it was all over. We hung out for a bit, I got shit-talked relentlessly for losing the race (deservedly so). I remember walking around with that Daas Boot with about a beer left for what felt like an eternity. It was like a public shaming.

Image result for shame gif

That was BeerFest #1.

We didn’t really know what we were doing, we weren’t sure if we’d do it again (…we probably would though, after all we HAD to win) but overall it was just a fun day.

That’s how it all started, this tradition… Just one fun 2009 day.

10 years later, here we are.

Pretty stoked to try and shake down the memories left in my brain going over the BeerFest 2010 tomorrow (the birth of the pamphlets & cooking at BeerFest).

From what I remember the improvement from Year 1 to Year 2 was pretty solid.¬†Let’s see tomorrow how I can articulate it!!







* = The way these brackets work, you need a number divisible by 8… So 8, 16, 32, etc. So 8 was fine. Anything less would have been shit.

** = I was reminded after this blog posted of a little story. Turkey and Germany¬†were both undefeated going into Flip Cup (the championship round of the winner’s bracket)… so whoever lost would have had to win the boot challenge twice. Of course, both teams decided to do best of 7 full cup flip cup. The last round mid-chug I ran outside and booted, and then still thought it was a good idea to go as team Germany’s anchor. From four-time BeerFest champion Kev Hass, “It was a great rally tho, I will say.”