If you missed what we’re doing here, it’s basically a once-a-day 10-day long blog recap of BeerFest, each year recapped each day until the Finale on April 13th… That one won’t be written about, we’ll live it.

If you missed the first BeerFest’s recap in this incredible original WCS series, here you go. If you already read about 2009, buckle up, because 2010 was something!

After having as much fun as we did in 2009, we had to do it again… Only this time we knew how to do it and could prepare.

One thing I remember thinking after the first BeerFest was, we all left and the party ends up as just a memory – which admittedly was a great memory – BUT that was it. I wanted everyone to have something tangible, something that would sit on their desks in their dorms, they’d look at it and think of that day and get them psyched for the next year.

…and just like that, the idea of a BeerFest pamphlet was born.

I decided to give each team a quick description, that way everyone can read about themselves and then also a little write-up on their competitors. Here a copy of the actual original pamphlet:

Le Moyne College BeerFest 2010 Pamphlet.PNG

(Hilariously, I noticed I have recycled the same material for about a decade… But hey, if it ain’t broke. don’t fix it)

This time around, people had heard about what we did the year before, so it grew pretty quickly. We figured, if it were to grow, let’s aim to have it be 16 teams total – that way the brackets work easily, plus an invite total of 64 people seemed manageable.

WELL, we hit up our network – which started with the swim team, basketball team, rugby guys, soccer player, and POOF, just like that we actually OVER-recruited, and ended up with 17 teams!!

With the growth of the tournament definitely came some pressure to make it legit. For example, if we knew 64 people were coming to play in this thing for an entire day of drinking, maybe we should have some sort of food available to snack on? Maybe we should clean the house (a novel thought) beforehand? Oh, AND we decided we’d make a legit pong table!!

Hilariously only like a week before the big day, we went to Home Depot, bought a piece of plywood, stain and bar top – and got to work. We taped off the number of the house “937” on the table and stained the rest a nice rich mahoney color. It ended up looking sick and I remember that year, that was one of our pride and joys.

But that second idea – the one about cleaning the house – ended up being costly as shit for your boy… Step 1 was throwing out all the trash, sweeping the floors, scraping the gum off the floors that looked like a city sidewalk (I wish I was kidding), etc.

That part was fine. But Step 2? Cleaning the dishes?? Damn…

The unspoken dishes policy at the house was you only clean the things you needed and the rest was left to sit in the sink dirty for the rest of eternity. So I took charge of cleaning all them, I figured it was a shitty job, but someone had to do it. I was ripping through those, probably jamming out to Whatcha Say by Jason DeRulo (to give you an idea of how long ago this was) aaaaaaaaaand… CRACK. A pint glass breaks in half while my hand was in it. A trip to the hospital and 9 stitches in my hand later* prepping for the big day was done.

My role went from being on the powerhouse #1 ranked team AND running the show with a few others, to being strictly commissioner of the tournament (which admittedly was awesome).

Getting back to the tournament… I had mentioned we ended up with 17 teams. The problem with that number is that it’s uneven and so, we decided the best solution was to have a play-in game – like the NCAA Tournament – thereby bringing the field down to 16 teams. Clean! We’d play that game right before everything started and the teams that would have to play, were just the last two team to have joined (with the logic: reward the people who agreed to play early, and punish the people who dragged their feet).

The Play-In game was anchorman, and I don’t remember how exactly it went, but the soccer team lost… The funniest storyline though was that the kid chosen to anchor for his team got screwed by his teammates – they left him a TON of beer, but the rules were that the anchor has to finish it, no matter what. Sooooooo, this kid – WHO I WILL KEEP NAMELESS, YOU’RE WELCOME – boots all over the place. I mean, this was before the games even technically begin! Hilarious… The legend of (INSERT FIRST NAME HERE, AKA DM ME AND I’LL TELL YOU) Puke-cannon.

This year also marked the beginning of speeches to kick the day off. Ketch was “hired” this year to DJ the event, but he also was given the honor of making a speech before the games began to everyone. It was amazing. I can’t remember the speech exactly, but I remember thinking, “This is awesome.” He also got absolutely shitfaced drunk that day… God, young Ketch was a thing of beauty.

Okay back to the day… After the puke and after Ketch’s speech, we were ready for the games. And if we’re being honest… I remember almost NONE of it. It all went by in quite a blur.

I remember three things all day – (1) going to Price Chopper with Team France to buy food mid-day – hot dogs, burgers, oreos (hilariously… which I also feel like we stole), (2) Team Australia felt like they got shafted on a ruling that I wasn’t a part of (planting the seed that we needed refs) – and (3) most importantly, I remember Daas Boot.

This year the basketball guys were in the championships again as Team Turkey, but they were up against the freshman rugby guys, team Canada. The race was rough from my memory. As big of humans as the rugby players were, they struggled a bit with the boots, spilling and just not keeping up with the basketball guys, and I remember one even straight punched a hole in the wall right after losing the race… hilarious.

Image result for andy bernard punches wall gif

But just like that, the Turkish dynasty had begun. Two BeerFests, two titles for the basketball team… I remembered hearing, “I fucking hate that they won again” from one of my former teammates and the first thing I thought: “Yeah… but I wasn’t playing. When our team is whole next year, we’ll take it.

That was the last BeerFest we played at 937 Hazelwood. In two years, we had outgrown that place and needed new pastures. Don’t get me wrong, Hazelwood treated us well in the two years spent there and birthed this beautiful event… But our move to Columbus in 2010 ended up taking BeerFest to a whole new stratosphere.

In 2010 we said goodbye to Hazelwood.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about taking BeerFest to the greatest place on Earth – Columbus.








* = The decision to go to the hospital was preceded by me saying I could fix it myself with butterfly bandages and super glue… oh, and a popsicle stick. I had wrapped by hand in my shirt, and once I removed that to start my own bootleg surgery, my skin rolled up and I saw bone and I decided, “FINEEEEEE this was out of my wheelhouse… I’ll seek professional help.