I got to be honest with you all, I am BLOWN AWAY that I have written one post per day recapping each year since the beginning. That’s a commitment level I haven’t been giving WCS lately and I gotta say, it’s getting me back in a blog-writing rhythm… This is definitely good for the brand.

Now, yesterday I ended the BeerFest 2015 recap talking about how I didn’t want to leave Syracuse, how life was great, how my job was hilariously easy, and that BeerFest was strong as ever.


Life comes at you fast.

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You see, that job I had been working in Cuse got a little too boring, so I decided I needed a change. As opposed to working for a bigger company that gave me leads (pre-existing clients to call) and continue to make money in a very easy way, I decided I would move home to NJ and start a business alongside my dad starting in January of 2016. More money near NYC anyway, right? Plus it’s closer to the fam. I thought it was the right move.

Loooooooong story short, that didn’t work and my bank account was basically obliterated. In three years of working in Cuse, I never worried about money and spent it recklessly, and was STILL able to bank some money… But that still didn’t stop me from pissing through it all once I tried running the show on my own. Who knew running a business – even a super super small one – would be so expensive!

So as I’m three months into running my own financial services company (it lasted five months in total), I also went through a breakup (HAH, GAYYYYYY!!!) and I decided maybeeeeee we just don’t do BeerFest this year.

I was broke AF and butthurt AF.

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I knew I had to pull the plug on BeerFest, but as it was March and the wheels were very much already in motion. Teams were made, I had sent all my normal emails out, set a date, the whole kit and caboodle. BeerFest VII was supposed to happen but tragically I decided to take my ball and go home.

So I wrote a lengthy email (naturally, how else would one deal with it?) and bcc’ed everyone who was going to be involved that year. Here she is:

Subject: A BeerFest Email to the Masses


Dear Sweet BeerFest Friends & Family,
There is really no easy way to say this, so I’ll make sure to drag it out as much as humanly possible…

Ever since the April of 2009 (a year that saw some of our competitors turn 11 years old), BeerFest is something of a “spring thing” to look forward to. It is a joyous occasion where obnoxious, yet appropriate amounts of beer are consumed… at the end of which, we celebrate some lucky 4’s commitment to excellence (aka alcoholism) with their names becoming sharpied immortalized on a Golden Keg. I’ve said on numerous occasions, that Beerfest is my favorite day of the year, and those who know me, know I certainly was not kidding.

Today, this last day in March 2016, I am sad to announce there will not be a BeerFest VIII. Living over 3 hours away has put its strain on me that my 8 years at Columbus never did. I can honestly say I cannot put together a party as epic as the one you’ve all grown accustomed to.

I sincerely thank everyone for participating over the years. Even to those who were going to try our little festival out for the first time in 2016, I appreciate the love. It has been a hell of a run and every last person made that run possible.*

I want to tell you this as it is only fitting that the baseball team has a home game April 23rd. I strongly suggest – NAY – plead you to take the enthusiasm you were going to bring to Columbus that day, and bring it to Dick Rockwell Field and watch our Dolphins beat the hell out of AIC. Trey West has personally promised at least 4 hour runs out of himself that day to make up for my shortcomings (he’s such a good friend having my back like that).

In all seriousness, this is a shitty message to deliver, but you all deserve to know so you can make bigger and better plans that day. I hope you all know I love you and miss you. Shotgun a few Natty’s for me, eh??
RIP BeerFest,


* = This Email Written In Loving Memory of… (names redacted but I listed every single human involved since 2009 – the list of people was probably longer than the email itself)

I thought when I hit send that that was the end of BeerFest, I did. I no longer lived at Columbus and, just straight up, I didn’t think it would happen again.

But then in the summer of 2016, Water Cooler Sports was born – thanks in large part to Ketch & Miller – and in January 2017, in Boston… The rebirth of BeerFest happened.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about bringing it back, Making BeerFest Great Again, and how/why this tradition was resurrected.