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For the Water Cooler Sports OGs, you know that I, Ketch, am the resident Red Sox fan.  I know that this site has evolved into a more New York based blog, so all you readers will probably get a kick out of this blog.  It’s fine because I just need to get this off my chest.

I am worried about the Red Sox.  Every time they’ve done something good, I’ve thought to myself “this is it, this will be what breaks them out of whatever ridiculous fog they’re in!” and then their next game comes and they look like a bloody asshole again.  All we’ve heard time and time again from the coaches and players is that they will turn “it” on, and eventually “it” will come.   That’s fine and all, but I think I speak for all of Red Sox Nation when I say when the FUCK will “IT” actually start to happen.

I’m trying so hard to stay calm.  I’m telling myself it’s okay because they did over-perform last year with their 108 wins and World Series Title.  I know that the World Series Hangover is likely a real thing, but when you come into Spring Training saying “we’re not complacent, we’re continuing the story” and then you come out and lay eggs for the first month of the season, it’s pretty goddamn frustrating to watch.

I will now take this opportunity to answer some questions that I have been receiving.

Hey Ketch, are you worried about Chris Sale? Believe it or not, I am not that worried about Sale.  I have a feeling that he is really holding himself back from really bringing it.  I know his velocity is down and everyone is losing their tits over it, but yesterday for example, he sat 90-92 for most of the game, and then on like his 85th pitch he fired one in at 95.  His control was way better yesterday, and I’d say the only thing that’s really concerning is that his slider hasn’t been biting as much.  So while I’d like to see Sale shove it up people’s assholes like last year, I actually truly believe that he is trying to take it easy to save his arm for later in the season.  Now obviously the problem is that “later in the season” won’t fucking matter if they keep playing like ass.

Why didn’t they resign Kimbrel to 1 yr/$25 mil/Why aren’t they going after Kimbrel now?  I think the Red Sox would have loved to sign Kimbrel to one year, and to be honest, I think that’s what they were holding out on.  However there’s two sides to a contract and I think it’s pretty obvious that Kimbrel does not one a one year deal so when people say “just throw $20 mil at Kimbrel for one year, who says no?” I think Kimbrel says no.

Why not move Eovaldi to the bullpen?  Eovaldi is a pretty good starter.  This isn’t like when Joe Kelly pretended to be a starter and got his ass blown out every start.  Eovaldi is actually proven to be pretty solid last year with the Rays and Sox.  Now could I see maybe in the third and fourth year of his contract being moved to the bullpen?  Sure.

How concerned are you about the offense?  They look like shit.  They sure do!  I’ll be honest, I’m pretty concerned about the offense.  Their approaches suck.  Their swings are lazy.  They’re rolling over everything.  They’re rolling over everything.  It just sucks it just sucks to watch and I hate it they’re playing like a bunch of idiots IDIOTS

But anyways, I noticed this little thing about Mookie.

On the left is from last year.  In fact, that is the 13th pitch of his epic at-bat when he hit the grand slam.  On the right is yesterday.  His hands are a little lower, and he has a smaller leg kick this year.  There’s also a little less motion this year.  Mookie uses his motion as rhythm in his stance for timing so maybe his timing has been off.

Look all I’m saying is that this team is driving me insane.  Getting swept at home by the goddamn Detroit Tigers in a double header is embarrassing.  Then again, the majority of this season has been embarrassing.  It just hurts even more with how they played the Rays so hard.  I was pulled right back in.  I feel like a battered woman.  After that Rays series they pulled me back in.  It was like I was out with the gals telling them “he’s changed!  He’ll never hurt me again, he loves me!” and then Monday morning I walked into work with a black eye telling everyone I walked into a door.  I just don’t know where to turn anymore.  Maybe I need to stay at my sister’s for a few nights.