Maybe you saw this play last night in the Yankees Angels game:

And it was BULLSHIT.  Absolute horseshit.  Yes, I’m KIND OF defending the Yankees I guess.  Now I’m not going to knock Andrelton Simmons for trying to get this out.  People have been trying that for years.  Sometimes the umpire sees it and they make the call.  Sometimes they don’t.  Probably 85-95% of middle infielders lay the tag on a runner even when they’re standing on base, just in case.

It’s BULLSHIT that this play got reviewed.  I think in the entire 5(?) years of Water Cooler Sports, I’ve written this exact blog before *Silhouette Face Yelling Emoji* THIS IS NOT WHAT REPLAY WAS BROUGHT IN FOR.

It wasn’t brought in for ticky-tacky dead ball plays.  If (God-forbid) I was a Yankee fan, I’d never stop yelling about this play – even though they won.  I would be so fucking pissed off.  For the 100th time, put replay in for fair/foul calls, and if the ball makes it over the home run line.  THAT’S IT.