I want to walk you all down the internet rabbit hole I just went down that led me to Gabe Kapler’s old blog site today.

For the past several years, Ketch hosts a “Fun Fact Q&A of the Day” in GroupMe (no further explanation needed there) and today’s question was “Which MLB player in the 3,000 Hit Club shares a birthday with my sister?

Naturally, I answered immediately with no words but the YouTube video of Matt Stairs hitting an absolute moonshot.

Did I know when Ketch’s sister’s birthday was? No.

Did I know when Matt Stair’s birthday was? No.

But I figured, who wouldn’t enjoy watching that ball get launched into orbit?!

(Please also note: Ketch awards “Humor Stars” for those who got the answer wrong BUT did make him chuckle that day in their answer… and in THAT sense, ladies & gentlemen, I am a sabermetric genius!)

Anyway, back to the rabbit hole.

So after answering my answer, I like to go and look up what the right one was – at the end of the day, I still just thirst for trivial knowledge.

So, today, I checked when his sister’s bday was (via Facebook) and then Google searched “MLB Players born on June 18.

One such player that came up was Andres Galarraga. I clicked on his player card because I remembered he was an absolutely HUGE dude and so I was like, “hmm maybeeeee he hit 3,000 hits.

(NOTE: He did not.)

Then, I was way more into finding out whether he got caught doing steroids. I mean, obviously he was doing them… Galarraga was an absolute unit, but the question was: DID HE GET CAUGHT?

I came upon the list of 103 names of people who were “guilty” of using roids back in 2003… Sosa, Nomar, Roger Clemens, Manny, etc.

But one name I noticed wasn’t there – Gabe Kapler!! I was like, no way that can be right. Kapler was huge.

Image result for trump huge gif

So I Google searched Gabe Kapler steroids and this is where I struck gold…

During that search, a DeadSpin article came up with a tip from Gabe Kapler to players nowadays on “how to get testosterone boosted naturally.” It came from Kapstyle.com – Gabe’s own personal blog site.

Interested? I know you are are! Here it is!

gabe kapler au naturel.PNG

Then, as I am now absolutely hooked, I found another one about using coconut oil to, uh, well… do more than cook!

gabe kapler coconut oil beyond cooking.PNG

I legit have never been more convinced this man is a genius.

Image result for this guy gets it gif

Mark my words, the Philadelphia Phillies are taking the World Series this year.

Well, you know, so long as Bryce and this roster buy into Gabe and his absolute genius.