In 2017, Sunny Co Clothing, then a fairly small clothing company, with a few thousand Instagram followers, did what they thought would be a harmless free swimsuit promotion: “everyone post this picture, tag us and you’ll receive a free swim suit!

Welp, that promotion was a MASSIVE hit – for better or for worse for Sunny Co! The promotion was such a hit that they were on the hook for hundreds of thousands of swimsuits, BUT they also went from 7,000 followers to over 700,000 followers!!

Now, you’d think they’d learn from this and maybe take their foot off the gas, but that’s not Sunny Co… They steer into the skid! Goddamn Mavericks if you ask me!!

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Today, at 3pm EST (noon PST) they’re doing another swimsuit giveaway… This time with the Pamela 2.0!!

My suggestion? Go follow them, turn on post notifications and get ready for another Instagram timeline takeover of the same re-posted red swimsuit… Lord knows we’re doing it!

God, is there anything better than free stuff??

I literally can’t even use this but it seems like the cool thing to do!! Let’s get it!!

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In Sunny Co We Trust,