That may seem high to some pessimists, and it may seem low to some optimists, but I think, as a realist, our odds are at 14% to land KD, Kyrie AND Zion.

Here’s my logic…

On Tuesday, May 14th, we have the NBA Draft Lottery. The Knicks are guaranteed a spot in the Top 5, but only a 14% chance that we’ll land the #1 spot… Wait? 14%? Isn’t that what I gave the Knicks to land ALL THREE – Zion, KD AND Kyrie?

Yes, yes it is. Glad you’re paying attention!

Let me explain…

If the Knicks get the #1 pick, we’re getting Zion. And if we get Zion, it creates the optimism necessary to entice KD to sign here in July.

At that point, for KD, why not?

By July, he’ll be coming off a 3-peat in Golden State (**yawn** the NBA Playoffs are a foregone conclusion), so what else does he have to prove there?

In NY, he can build his own brand in the biggest market in the world where VERYYYYY conveniently the youth is exciting and talented (reminder in this scenario we already landed Zion). And, oh by the way, it’d be a place where his current legacy of only-being-able-to-win-because-he-joined-the-ALREADY-champions could be absolutely erased. He’d be THE face of turning around the biggest dumpster fire of a franchise in the NBA!

So now we have Zion AND KD… So now we turn to Kyrie.

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Kyrie will, and should, get offers from EVERYONE. He’s a Top 15 player in the league and, despite the recency hate of his last four games, he’s proven in this league.

But Kyrie will ultimately decide what’s best for him.

What would be better for him than to get out of a town where everyone is racist hates him (currently) and come to a city that will absolutely welcome him with arms wide open, join a team of talented young guys AAAAAND, oh by the way, Kevin FREAKING Durant is your wing?!

The thought of a starting 5 of Kyrie, Knox, Zion, KD and Mitchell Robinson… Oh, and WITH Dennis Smith Jr, Ntlikina & Dotson coming off the bench??? SHEESH!!

Aaaaaand we aren’t even talking about the litany of veterans who will sign at a minimum to ride these coattails to a title!!

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My optimism level here is at an all time high as is customary this time of year when everything is just hopes and dreams and I. CAN’T. WAIT.

In 5 days we see if this 14% plays out… if it doesn’t, I’ll have a new post outlining the disaster of an offseason we’re about to experience.

It’s literally 14% that all our dreams come true, or Armageddon.



All or Nothing at All,