That Kawhi shot was too inspiring to stop me from writing something…

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The conference semi’s have taught us one very simple lesson: In today’s era of player empowerment, there are teams searching for franchise players and teams, who we hope, never lose their franchise players.

The Celtics are a team without a franchise player, and the Bucks are the team with the franchise player.

We all hope that we never see the day, where Giannis wears anything other than a Bucks jersey. He closed out the Bradley Center, and opened the Fiserv Forum (damn that sounds stupid… WTF is Fiserv?!).

The Golden State Warriors will forever be defined by the Splash Brothers, as Durant is likely to be either a Knick (or a Net!) next year. But let’s hope we never see the day when either Steph or Klay depart the Bay Area.

In the culmination of the semi’s, we were treated with two Game 7’s, which solidified that no matter their limits as one of the NBA’s smallest backcourt, the Trail Blazers have been consistent over-achievers because of Dollar Dame and CJ. While many hot take trades each year include either Lillard or McCollum heading to a new team, the NBA is made greater by this backcourt that looks better fit for the size of team in the 90’s versus the 2020’s.

Finally, as Kawhi’s game-winner was bouncing off the rim, the Sixers learned that no matter what happens Joel (The Process) Embiid can never leave town. Simmons, Butler, and Harris can all end up on different teams, but Embiid showed the emotion most often seen in March Madness, which is usually devoid from the NBA Playoffs.

And Kawhi please, please, please stay in THE NORTH!!

Let Kyrie go to LA…