I’ve held off longer than usual on writing this blog. I normally do a re-watch of the show, gather my thoughts, and then write but I’ll be honest, I haven’t even re-watched the episode. I want to just because I know I’ll see different things but man I just can’t bring myself to do it yet. In case you can’t tell, I did NOT like that finale and I’m having a hard time picking just three quick things because there is just so much that went wrong. But I’m going to try and stay a little bit balanced here so as not to sound like a h8r.

#1 Jon Killing Dany was Awesome

game of thrones jon kills dany

FINALLY! Jon Snow finally grows a spine and takes this bitch out. When he first barged in and was screaming “you killed children!” I thought we was going to say “on your knees” as he pulled out Longclaw. I groaned when they got close and he said she was his queen — figured it was same old Jon being whipped and not being able to stand up for himself. But like his Uncle Dad once said, he who passes the sentence must swing the sword and/or stab the dagger. Also got very lucky that Drogon can’t tell the difference between a living, breathing human and a chair made of swords (a weakness of every dragon). Could have been very messy.

#2 Why the Fuck Did We Fast Forward?

spongebob time lapse

Did one of the best TV shows of all time really hit us with the Spongebob time lapse after probably the biggest moment in the shows history?! Jon murders the queen and all of the sudden we are God knows how long later (this was supposed to be a long winter and it was summer out soooo) and everyone is just sitting around hunky dory! Would have been nice to see how the fuck Jon was implicated, given that there was no body and the dragon was missing. Or how literally every other kingdom in the realm was notified of such an event. But nah, let’s skip all that and rehash a scene we did last season where every major player is on screen at once because WOW COOL!

#3 The Night’s Watch For Sure Doesn’t Exist Anymore

game of thrones job and ghost

I mean why would it? The ice zombies that were a threat are gone and you’ve made peace with the wildlings. You’re going to spend men and money staffing this gigantic wall just so that bastards and criminals have a place to go? I’ve had some weekends where I’m irresponsible with my money but at least I’m not these dumb fucks. And don’t even get me started on Jon being banished to the wall in the first place — why are we letting Grey Worm have any say?! Not only is he just a mercenary but he also just peaced out! Just send Jon like a mile out of King’s Landing, wait for the Unsullied to leave, and he can come back. Easy Peasy! Nope, we’re going to let the dickless douchebag have his way. Oh well, at least we got to see Ghost again.

All in all a wildly disappointing finale. I’ve been one of the people this entire season who has tried to defend every episode, see the good parts and recognize where there were disappointments. But I can’t even defend this episode — they pulled the rug out from under us, spat in the face of all of the cool prophesy and lore that made this an intriguing story, and clearly made it about them. A big ol fuck you to Benioff and Weiss — have fun fucking up Star Wars too.


P.S. I still like the show overall. I know a lot of people say that the finale ruined the whole show but I disagree wholeheartedly. The overarching story is a good one and the investment we had in the characters was unlike any other show I’ve seen. It fell flat at the end but all in all still one of my favorite shows and I’m happy to have watched it all.