This morning on Golic & Wingo, they were talking about how Kawhi is so unlike other superstars in the NBA in that his social media presence is basically zero.

They proceeded to, live on air, go to his Twitter and inspect…

First, the guys discover he only has 260k followers – which is actually NUTS.

To put that in perspective – Seth Curry, not Steph – SETH, has 286k followers. Kevin Durant has 17.6 MILLION!! Shit, I mean… even our boy Ron Baker has 148k followers (sure, it’s less than Kawhi but not by NEARLY enough)!!

Kawhi Leonard is WAYYYYY too good of a player to have a Ron Baker/Seth Curry-esque following. He’s legitimately one of the best players in the league. He should be in the MILLIONS!!

But that’s not even close to where his Twitter stops being hilariously shocking.

His tweets – of which there are FOUR of them – are ALL from 2015 and are all pictures. Go ahead, check them out, it won’t take long… after all, there are FOUR of them.

If you think about it, his first weet ever, the one with Obama and him meeting, that’s a pretty awesome first tweet…

when did kawhi leonard join twitter june 2014.PNG

especially considering he joined Twitter in June 2014 and sat COMPLETELY DORMANT for 7 months!

But the others?

  • His second tweet was a shameless plug, in the form of a SHIT quality photo, for Top Golf;
  • A picture of those weird boards that people rode for like a month with his logo all over it (do people still ride those? Or am I the loser here?);
  • And lastly, a picture of him at his alma mater, which is cool and all.

So to summarize: one FIRE first tweet, two questionable tweets and an okay tweet. FOUR tweets in FIVE years!


And the last hysterical thing, the “WHO HE FOLLOWS” investigation:

who does kawhi leonard follow on twitter.PNG

Jamal Crawford being the ONLY player he follows is pretty funny to me… Listen, I love J-Crossover, former Knick GREAT, just as much as the next guy, but for Kawhi to ONLY follow Jamal Crawford, A GUY HE NEVER PLAYED WITH, and no other player? Hysterical.

His sports agency, Impact Sports Management? Fine, that’s about the most normal.

His old team, the Spurs? Yikes… Unfollow them bro, that breakup was ugly.

The San Antonio Wingstop and a random grocery store chain from Texas?? Again, what happened at the Top Golf and these two? Did he just like get offered free stuff one time in exchange for a Tweet/Follow? Confusing to say the least but… whatever.

Following Jordan brand though? That’s cool, probably most basketball people do… Though I’s say it’s worth noting he signed his shoe deal with New Balance, NOT Nike. Sooooooooo…

Kawhi is a quiet dude, many a little weird dude, and CLEARLY the least social media savvy famous dude, maybe EVER.

God I love this guy, just plays two-way ball better than almost* anyone else, and cares about literally nothing else.

That being said…

Warriors are taking this thing in as many games as Kawhi has tweets.

You heard it here first.






* = “Almost” meaning LeBron probably still plays it better… Can’t let recency bias cloud that.