Last night, the story was VERY MUCH not the fact that the Raptors went up 2-1 on everyone’s (at least everyone in the Lower 48) presumed champions heading into the Finals, the Warrors…

Nope! The story was about some douche sitting in the front row at Oracle who shoved Kyle Lowry after Lowry went crashing into the stands to save a ball.

So who was this guy?

Obviously it costs a ba-jillion dollars to land those tickets – Game 3, NBA Finals, COURTSIDE?!

So who is this guy?!

Mark Stevens Billionaire who pushed Kyle Lowry

Mark fucking Stevens.

Silicon Valley venture capitalist. Partner at Sequoia Capital when it hit big on a few small companies like Google, PayPay and LindedIn.

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Who also, OH BY THE WAY, also owns a minority stake in the Warriors…

Seems problematic.

Your owner is out here shoving players from opposing teams?!

You don’t see Cubz out there being a classless owner and physically abusing the Maverick’s opponents… He just mentally wears them all down with his A1 heckling.

Shit, if you look at the bottom of the barrel in terms of owners, even Jimmy D (of JD & the Straight Shot) knows not to touch opposing players… He makes sure if he needs to physically deal with a player, he makes sure they’re his own players, adored by his fans, and he gets other people to do it – NOT HIM.

I don’t guys, if I’m KD and I’m seeing Golden State’s owner acting like this, I gotta imagine after the Warriors win in 6, I’m on the first plane outta there!!

Dysfunctional owners are NOOOO good. Trust me.






P.S. Tell me this Mark Stevens guy doesn’t look insanely like the dad from 7th Heaven (or Dennis & Dee’s dad if you prefer):