Let’s just say I’m not the young buck I once was… After about 12 hours of drinking Saturday (weird brag, I know), Sunday suuuuuuucked ass.

Hangovers at age 29v1 are brutal. Sometimes it’s a headache, sometimes I can’t eat, but ALL the times it just requires laying around and not being able to do anything – which if you know me, you know I hated.

So what did that mean for me yesterday? Binge watching the shit outta shows I wouldn’t normally.

**DISCLAIMER: I’d like to say I still felt like a piece of shit for pretty much wasting a day. There is nothing I hate more than doing that, but also, I wasn’t in any shape to get things done (besides a tiny bit of work at like 5pm… which doesn’t really count [another weird brag]).**

First, and this doesn’t really make any sense to me, but I woke up at like 5:30am and couldn’t fall back to sleep. Maybe it was the red bull candy-ass drinks I kept hammering at Brooklyn Crab (shoutout Brooklyn Crab, great spot), maybe it was the sugar in Naturdays back at the WCS HQ, maybe it was just my body’s way of saying, “Hey asshole, wake up and stop drinking so much.

No wait, it can’t possibly be that last part.

Regardless, it left me with like 17 hours of the day to be hungover and feel like death, so that was great.

Now, at 5am, you’re obviously still just laying in bed. I kinda wanted to go back to sleep, so I decided to throw on a show I’ve seen before (you know, easy to listen to and drift off and not have to pay too close attention) – Friday Nights Light!!

Fire. Flames. Coach Taylor. Riggins. Football. Lyla. Saracen. Texas. Buddy Garrity. Coach Taylor’s wife… I mean, phenomenal cast, phenomenal show.

Image result for texas forever gif

After three or so episodes and absolutely ZERO sleep, it was time to give up on sleep – it wasn’t happening… Time to get some food in me, and pray to the gods that this hangover wouldn’t cripple me all day (it did).

After a quick breakfast, I decided to give Chernobyl (on HBO… nbd we have HBO at the WCS HQ) a watch. It’s a mini series about the nuclear power plant meltdown in like the 80’s in Russia, something I knew almost nothing about, and I figured that could be interested.

Well, by 1pm, I had watched that entire “series.”

For those who haven’t seen it yet, Chernobyl is awesome. Outlines the breakdown of what happened, how it happened, who fucked up, how “saved” the say, etc.

Very cool, suspenseful and kinda historical (right? I guess…) – I’m always into that shit.

But now it’s 1pm and I’ve exhausted an entire series of a show to burn the clock on my hangover.

Next up?

Obviously the Yanks game because I’m a man and watch sports and have a big swinging dick.

Big Little Lies.


That’s that HBO show you saw promo’s for that has like every big actress ever in it – Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep, Lenny Kravitz’ daughter, Lauren Dern (from Jurassic Park), Jennifer Lawrence*… oh, and Adam Scott!

Image result for ben wyatt gif

Well, I ended up crushing from Season 1 Episode 2 starting around 1pm, all the way until 9pm (when the new season apparently was kicking off)!


Guys, I am sure this show is universally known as like some gay drama, but all I know is I was sucked into the damn thing. Sucked in after committing ONE episode to this show. That’s when you know it’s pretty damn good.

It’s like if The OC had a real budget and it’s biggest star heading into the series wasn’t Peter Gallagher**.

Big Little Lies? Approved.

Chernobyl? Approved.

Friday Night Lights? Well, I had seen it before and knew it was great… But approved. Texas Forever.

Hell of a day doing nothing if you ask me. Seeing two completely new shows all in one shot? I almost felt productive while being completely unproductive!

Go check them out and if you don’t have an HBO (because you’re poor) throw your Venmo in the comments below and we’ll start a GoFundMe for you, you poor poor unemployed bum you…





* = Literally there is an actress that looks like and kinda acts like Jennifer Lawrence, but isn’t Jennifer Lawrence. It’s Shailene Woodley. Idk if the backstory is they tried for Jenny Law and missed, so they settled for a doppelganger or what… Regardless, this chick’s character is nuts.

** = Was that an enormous shot at Tate Donovan? Hmm…