Ketch and Junior break down all the action from the Highlander Games, and what looks to be the beginning of the actual end of Luke P. They’re also joined by Daron Blaylock who talks about his time on the show including his dominance in the roller derby rink and his days as a Guitar Hero champion (41:14-55:04).

Segments include:

  • The State of Hannah (1:09-2:39),
  • Date Grades and MVP/LVP (2:42-35:09),
  • Contender or Pretender (35:10-41:10),
  • Opposing Views (55:15-62:09),
  • Top 3 Bottom 2 (62:13-64:40),
  • Quotes (64:44-70:06),
  • Survivor Pool (70:10-71:30),
  • and Bold Predictions (71:33-72:49).