So, for my first blog in TEN days, the one topic that has cracked my dry spell is this!!

Jason Fitz, aka the guy who subbed in for Trey Wingo today on ESPN’s Golic & Wingo radio show (nbd… I’m a sports guy, I listen to that) used to play fiddle in The Band Perry.

Wait, are you like Junior & Ketch* and have no idea who The Band Perry is??

They were that country band who was big like ten years ago (total guess but around there) and sang, “If I Die Young” and “You Lie.

Here, these songs:

You (right now): “Ohhh yeahhhhh!!! Country stations played those songs like 700x every day back in 2012!

Yup! THAT is The Band Perry.

And Jason Fitz (hilariously) played fiddle for them.

Imagine being so good at an instrument that you end up on a Grammy award winning band, AND also being so good at sports radio talk that you’re now on THE morning radio show for the biggest company in sports??

Fuck. If Jason Fitz didn’t have a completely ridiculous fear of pooping next to someone in the stall adjacent you**, I’d say he’s one of the coolest people I know.

Alas, he’s just kinda cool.

He has admitted he wants to punch Alan Jackson, above ALL other country singers, in the face before – and that’s just so random and hilarious to me.

God, Fitz, what an absolute wild card. I can’t imagine what the next thing I learn about you is!






* = Shout-out to the OG Water Cooler Sports SLASH Bachelor Night in America podcast fans who know what I’m referencing here… @Ketch @Junior, to this day I still can’t believe you didn’t know who LANCO was. I’m getting angry just thinking about it.

** = I’m not going to call it a phobia, but they were talking about it this morning on Golic & Wingo, and Fitzy (as I call him) admitted if there are two stalls in a bathroom at work, and he goes in and sees feet in ONE of them, he’ll leave the bathroom and come back later so he’s not pooping “next” to someone… WHAT A PUSSY!!! The Golic family (rightfully) shredded him because they’re men and men shit while staring at each other.