Ladies and gentlemen.  Yesterday I wrote a blog about how I was on the verge of a comeback and despite a really rough couple weeks that consisted of me popping my hamstring and losing my wallet.  I finished the blog on a positive note and even said that I truly believed my wallet was somewhere in my house.  IMG_1576

Well guess what?  It was indeed in my house.  How did I find it, you may ask.  Yesterday the lady and I went on a brisk, post-dinner walk and we began talking about my activities after I came back from the bar Wednesday.  She said:

“Yeah you came in and threw your keys behind the (dog’s) crate and grunted and just went into the bedroom.  About a half hour later you came out of the bedroom with no pants on and grabbed two more beers from the basement.  I asked if you were actually going to keep drinking and you said ‘uhhh yeah!'” 

Well other than this showing that I’m awesome because the party don’t stop, it made me think for a moment.  I said said at the very end of my blog yesterday:

“Every time I leave somewhere no matter how drunk I am I tap my front left pocket, right pocket, and then back left pocket and say “phone, keys, wallet.”  I am 100% sure I did that before I left that bar”

And then it triggered a memory of me rummaging through the pants I wore when the pizza I ordered came.  My back left pocket was out.  I was like a guy in a crime drama remembering the exact moment of the crime.  A complete flashback of me on my knees, grabbing my shorts and seeing the pocket sticking out.  At the time I remember thinking “that’s weird.”  But when the lady told me, I thought “maybe, just maybe when I took my shorts off I whipped them and my wallet flew out.”  

I started doing some calculations and seeing if I took my pants off at a particular spot, what the trajectory of the wallet would have been if it flew out of my pants.  I narrowed it down to the closet, or behind the bed.  I checked the closet, no dice.  And then I looked behind my bed, and there it was.  Sitting wedged behind my nightstand.  I was elated.  It didn’t even matter that I already canceled all of my cards and ordered new ones, I was just happy to find it.  What a huge win for me.