Damned if you do. Damned if you don’t.

If the Knicks landed KD & Kyrie, the narrative would’ve been: “How can you sign Kyrie – with knee problems (and potential locker room issues) AND Kevin Durant coming off a ruptured Achilles to max contracts?!

When the Knicks didn’t land either, the narrative is: “What a fucking joke! They can’t get anyone! LOL – what a dumpster fire organization! Fire Dolan! Brooklyn is now the team of New York!!

In the 20 hours since KD ripped our hearts out with his “announcement”¬†(which by the way was lame as FUCK), I’ve gone through many emotions.

My initial reaction was laughter. I don’t know why, I think it was just laughing at how delusional I could be to think that was going to go my way.

Image result for delusion laughter gif

Then it was anger like, “Why the FUCK would someone want to play for the Nets who have like 10 fans and can’t ever sell out their arena?

To curiosity, “Ok, fuck it. This is reality…¬†where do we go from here?

And now I actually have myself convinced this is for the best.

Without further ado, the spin-zone of the century!!

So we missed out on KD and Kyrie.

Who fucking cares?!

KD ruptured his achilles. He is six foot eleven inches. Don’t you think that is a rather large question mark that MAYBE, just maybe, would not be the best player to tie up a max contract with? Sure he could be great, but he also could be disappointing… And his beta cupcake bitch brain in New York’s spotlight could NEVER handle being disappointing. We’d shred him in November of 2020 after a month of him trying to return and not being the same, where we’d be left with three more years of a max contract tied to a player who wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure cooker.

We missed on KD, that’s okay.

Kyrie? The dude is always hurt. Always. He’s got bum ass knees and we already lived that with Amare. I don’t need to do that again. The best ability is availability. Sure he’s a stud when he’s healthy, but if we signed him and he got hurt all the time, we’d be shredded nationally for getting YET ANOTHER injury prone guy (D-Rose was another superstar talent we tried to hit the jackpot on and failed). Giving Kyrie a max ALSO would’ve felt like a bold move (plus he thinks the world MIGHT be flat and I just don’t know if you want a guy who is FUCKING RETARDED as one of your max players).

So we missed on those two. Maybe that’s a loss. Maybe it’s dodging two bullets that were heading directly at our head.

We’ll only know in a few years.

KG, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry had high expectations in Brooklyn too. We saw how that turned out…

Instead we signed Wayne Ellington, Reggie Bullock and Bobby Portis (a few ~40% 3-point shooters for their careers), Taj Gibson (literally no clue why beyond the fact that he’s a vet and he’s from NY) and Julius Randle (young, maybe he pans out, maybe he sucks).

Gibson, Ellington, Bullock and Portis are all two year deals with team options on Year 2 – aka we can drop them after one year which is CLUTCH. Also, come February, if any one of those guys is playing like studs, we trade their asses to a contender and get assets in return (first- or second-round picks), AND with the amounts they’re signed for, it allows for trades of TERRIBLE long term deals where teams will want to trade for expiring contracts, and we can absorb bad deals for future assets.

The youth we already have: Mitch-Zo-Knox-DSJ-RJ. I like those 5 – a lot.

To think yesterday was a failure is wrong.

Being half pregnant is a failure. We’re aren’t in at all, we aren’t kidding ourselves. We’re in a slow painful rebuild.

There is no easy way out of NBA-hell, but missing completely yesterday is probably one of the better things that could have happened.

It’s going to be long, and we’re gonna develop young guys which takes time.

To my fellow Knick fans who are actually ready for this shit, let’s go. Let’s watch Mitch turn to a star. Let’s watch DSJ turn the corner.

2019 Free Agency wasn’t our one-stop shop to fix our problems, but we’re on the right path.

All in. All one. All Knicks.