July 4th is a day of fun in the sun, fireworks, getting drunk off light beer, fireworks and, of course, Nathan’s Annual Hot Dog Eating Competition.

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Last November, we here at Water Cooler Sports got a peek into how our very own Ketch might do in such a competition, and if we’re being honest, he absolutely crushed it. ICYMI:

Now, after watching that and knowing how much better Ketch performed once he learned the tricks of the trade (aka using water to slide the dogs down his gullet with less resistance) he showed some real promise.

He ended up crushing ten dogs in 10 minutes, but how would that stack up against the competition on Thursday?

Like, is 10 good? Did he break it?

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Let’s take a look at Nathan’s 2018 results:

Men’s Results

1st: Joey Chestnut 74, (New WR)
2nd: Carmen Cincotti 64
3rd: Darron Breeden 43
4th: Geoffrey Esper 41
5th: Matt Stonie 40
6th: Gideon Oji 37.5
7th: Max Suzuki 34
8th: Adrian Morgan 33
9th: Juan Rodriguez 32
10th: Nick Wehry 31
11th: Rich LeFevre 28
12th (tie): Derek Jacobs and Juan Neave 27
14th: Matt Hazzard 25
15th: George Chiger 24.75
16th: Steve Hendry and Pablo Martinez 24
18th (tie): Erik Denmark and Ronnie Hartman 21.5
20th: Jim Reeves 21
21st: Badlands Booker 20

Okay. Good, not great.

This means that Ketch’s impressive TEN dogs is half what the 20th place guy consumed.

I’m thinking Ketch could easily bump his numbers up another five dogs from sheer experience and maybe another few also from learning the water technique. Factor in the motivation he’d have being on the same stage as Joey Chestnut?

I don’t know… I think we could have a Top 20 guy in our very midst.

Now, I guess all you gotta do to become a competitor is go to a “Qualifier Event” and win. I saw they did one at Citi Field less than two weeks ago, which means next year we DEFINITELY can get Ketch to try for this*.

I haven’t spoke to Ketch about this, but I like to think this blog will do wonders towards getting #KetchToNathans.

Seeing a Bachelor Night in America t-shirt on the big stage would definitely be a Top 10 highlight of my life.

The ball is in your court Ketch.

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P.S. I think it’s worth mentioning that Big Cat only ate 12 dogs in his Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Competition Debut… Ketch would destroy Big Cat once they were toe-to-toe, never been more certain of anything in my life.


* = Tickets to whatever/wherever we need to go are 100% on me @Ketch, especially if the WCS HQ is sold by then!!