If you’re a normal straight male like me, you spent Monday watching The Bachelorette (and NOT the MLB Home Run Derby).

It was the “Hometown’s” episode where every guy got to take Hannah home to meet their families, and it did not disappoint one bit.

We saw former Wake Forest QB Tyler Cameron’s hometown of Jupiter Florida where he was so fucking cool and drove a boat.

We saw, the villain of this season, Luke P’s hometown and we learned maybe he’s not a villain and instead maybe he’s just a religious beta who everyone in the house hated.

We saw Pilot Peter fly Hannah around and then sing Grace in German before eating (seriously wtf was that?).

…aaaaaaaand then we saw Jed further promote his music career by singing for the 10,000th time this season. He and Hannah wrote a song together and sang it.

Boy, even though he admitted early on his original reason for coming on the show WAS to promote his career and that it TOTES isn’t anymore, it surrrrrre seems that way!

(**COUGH COUGH here’s a link to his Spotify COUGH COUGH**)

Anyway, Jed’s music career isn’t the reason for this post. The reason for this post is his absolute BABE of a sister, Lily.

Her insta is lilywyatt44 and, well, just take a gander:

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Damn. Let’s get Lily on the show. Maybe SHE can be the next Bachelorette and, since by then Jed will be an emerging country music superstar, HE can sing on that one episode that ABC seems to throw out there every season where a country singer who Ketch & Junior will claim not to know comes on (see LANCO, Russell Dickerson, Jake Owen, Tenile Towns, etc).


Actually, better yet… #LillyForParadise*





* = I mean, with the heavy dose of ‘kini pics she’s throwing out there, we at the very least know she’s prepared!!