You know what? Me too.  I’m also the happiest I’ve been about the Giants since OBJ’s rookie year.  You can read the whole article on GQ here but it’s really long and is in a question and answer format.  The biggest things to come out of this article that all the big boys are posting about is that Odell Beckham said he felt disrespected by the Giants….when they traded him.

Uhhh no shit how is he supposed to feel?  Happy?  The team just signed him to a five year deal and then they traded him.  Any normal person would feel disrespected.  And to be clear, I am 100% okay with the Giants trading him – I’m just saying I don’t blame him for feeling “disrespected.”  I would imagine 99% of people that get traded in any sport feel some kind of disrespect when they get the call.

The part that makes me roll my eyes is when he talks about how he wasn’t happy and had to get out and to be frank -played the victim card throughout most of the article.

Give me a goddamn break, bro.  Were/are you an incredible talent?  Yeah absolutely there’s no denying that.  Did the media keep a close eye on you and criticize almost every move you made?  Yeah and I get that can be annoying.  But buddy, when you are on a boat the week before the playoffs posing like a goddamn 90s boyband boat.jpgand hanging out with women in bed with pizza and cocaine and post the pictures,objcocaineyou’re going to be scrutinized a little bit.  It also doesn’t help when you get into fist fights with inanimate objects on the side line

In the article, he called this “passion” and didn’t understand why people criticized him for this and not Tom Brady for when he curses out his team or the ref.  Well, Odell, it’s because you look like a dickhead baby.  I love my players showing passion.  It’s one of the best part of sports when you see emotion, but this is a tantrum.  If you had just done the kick and scream, then I don’t think people would have problems with that.  You want to curse out Eli for missing you when you were wide open?  Go ahead.  Walk down the sideline and motherfuck everything in sight?  Love it.  But it crosses a line when you start having a bout of fisticuffs with kicking nets.

When it’s all said and done, over the five years OBJ was with the Giants the went 39-48.  I know he didn’t play in all those games because of injuries and suspensions, but I know to me and Tayls both, the writing was on the wall that the Giants were never going to win with him.  Towards the end, it got to the point that each week I was waiting for him to say or do something that would grab a headline.  I’m glad he’s gone and I truly think the Giants are better off without him.  I’m sorry he felt disrespected by the Giants, but maybe the Giants felt a little disrespected by him, and that, my friends, is what we call perspective.perspective