GPS is a great thing, it literally changed the world.  Now with smartphones, you literally have a GPS in the palm of your hands on in the pocket of your loins.  Considering I moved to a new area within the last year and am still learning, Google Maps has been incredibly helpful to me in navigating around this new world I find myself in.  However, recently, something has happened on Google Maps that has been causing me to get lost and even lose my mind.

As I’m sure you know, when you punch an address into a GPS and hit “GO,” the screen shows you behind the little triangle or car on the road as you go, you know, so that if you have to turn right, the route is highlighted to turn right on the screen.GPS.jpgSee?  You know what I’m saying.  But recently my Google Maps has not been set up like this.  Recently, my goddamn GPS has been SAYING turn right, but for some reason I’m not “behind” the triangle/car – I’m looking at it from some weird angle, like so:IMG_1826.jpgThe blue triangle is my car, the red signifies my route, the black lines are other roads, and the yellow is like a highway or something.  As you can see, it’s very confusing.  Like sure, it says “turn right,” and sure I suppose it is technically showing to turn right, but that shit is confusing.  Not just that, but the old, normal way was perfect.  This isn’t one of those time when something updates and it takes time before you just get used to it, this literally doesn’t make any sense to change it.

It’s like one of those video games where when you move the stick up, and you look down, then you move it down and you look up, and it takes you an hour to figure out how it works and by the time you finally figure it out, you’re done playing the game and all your friends have made fun of you for dying every three seconds because you couldn’t figure out the goddamn controls so you pretend to laugh it off, but then excuse yourself to the bathroom and weep alone.

What were we talking about again?  Oh right, the GPS.  Yes, the GPS angle change sucks.  And yes, I’ve tried moving the screen so that I am in the middle, but then it doesn’t follow me so it asks if I want to re-center and I press yes and it just puts me back to the weird angle.  I’m convinced it has to be a setting that I accidentally hit.  And if it’s not?  Well then that’s stupid.  I’m a visual learner; ask my girlfriend.  I need the map to show me how to get from point A to point B in the simplest way possible.

Maybe I’ll just switch back to Waze.  I made the switch to Waze a while ago and then for some reason my routes weren’t loading (maybe the app didn’t update), so I switched back to Google Maps.  Now though, it may be time to go back to Waze.  But regardless, if someone, anyone out there knows how to fix this issue, please let me know.

I swear this isn’t Rip On Technology Day here at Water Cooler Sports, but boy oh the irony I write this the same day our friend Tayls told his harrowing tale of getting a new phone.