Let’s look past the part that I am watching the Little League Midwestern Regional Semi-Final by myself at 12:45 on a Thursday afternoon and focus on the problem at hand.  This shortstop or second baseman for Minnesota giving the kid who just hit the go ahead home run against him a high five is absolutely disgusting.

Here’s the thing; I know that in the Little League World Series, this is a “thing” where kids will give high fives to other guys that just hit a homer.  I get it.  I don’t like it, but I get it.  In fact, if this was in the first or second inning I really wouldn’t be saying boo about it because that’s just the way it goes.  But this is the top of the 6th inning.  This kid from Iowa just put a nail in the coffin of your season and you’re giving him a high five.  What makes it even worse is that the camera immediately panned to the pitcher who was keeled over and pitched his ass off for the entire game and on the last pitch he threw gave up the go-ahead bomb.  He just needs to be picked up by his teammates and meanwhile he looks back to see his shortstop giving the very kid who hit the homer a high five.

I’m not saying the Minnesota shortstop should have told the Iowa kid to go fuck himself or anything, but just turn your back and kick some dirt to the outfield, or, I don’t know trot to the mound and tell your pitcher it’s okay.  Just don’t give the enemy a high five.  Be a good teammate.  Sportsmanship is great and all, but I’ll take the guy who has my back 10 times out of 10.