Hand up, I didn’t really know much about this Jeffrey Epstein fellow when his alleged suicide happened about a week ago.  I’ve heard the name, but he didn’t have anything to do with the sports or sit-com reruns or reality television I watch.  I did a little research on him (Google and Wikipedia), and have come to the conclusion that he was a very, very bad guy.

If you’re don’t know what he did and you’re curious, check out his Wikipedia page but it reads like a wild episode of Law and Order: SVU.  Sex trafficking with underaged girls and the “rich and powerful” of the world including names like Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Prince Andrew.

Let’s circle back to Bill Clinton for a second.  Clinton has understandably downplayed his relationship with Epstein the last few weeks and years and whatever and is never on the record like Trump saying that he’s bros with Epstein.  However, how does that explain this painting was found in Jeffery Epstein’s house:

CLINTON.pngI mean to be completely honest, I don’t think there’s any explanation for having this painting.  Just, why?  Hilarious? Absolutely.  It would be a great meme.  An all-time great actually.  But that’s the point, it would be a great meme – not wall decor.  I’m imagining this being hung over his fireplace while he was sipping some brandy or something.

There are so many questions.  Why?  Why was it created?  When was it created?  Who the fuck created it?  Could you imagine being the painter getting this order?

Hey Matt, we got an order for one 4’x6′ canvas painting of scantily clad woman in a blue dress and red heels pointing at you, but instead of the face being a woman, it’s Bill Clinton’s face.


I don’t know man, that’s just what it said.

Well…okay I guess.  Who’s it for?

Uhhh it says “J. Epstein.”

Oh that makes sense.  That guy is FUCKED UP.  Alright get me some paint….


PS – I love the conspiracy theories coming out of Epstein’s death/murder, but let’s be honest, this painting of Clinton is pretty damming evidence against Slick Willy that he was behind the whole thing.