This was a kind of rabbit-hole I dove down and didn’t stop laughing until I came up.

Yesterday at work, I found out a particularly annoying co-worker is leaving my company… He can be a real pain in the ass, and some people REALLY hate him – I couldn’t care less though (I neither hate nor love anyone here, they just exist, as do I, presumably to get a paycheck and then leave and live COMPLETELY different outside lives).

But ultimately my response was, “when I tell _________, he’s gonna have such a shit eating grin on his face.

Image result for shit eating grin gif

And then I thought to myself, “Where the FLIP did that term come from? Who would be grinning while eating shit?

So I did what anyone with entirely too much time on their hands would do – I looked up multiple threads on the internet for the origins of “shit eating grin” and the answers did NOT disappoint…

origin of shit eating grin dogs horses

L. M. F. A. O.

I know this is clearly from another time and place if horse drawn carriages are being referenced, where dogs were probably just like wild hyenas and not cute pets, but the thought of a horse bringing some rich asshole with a monocle to his fancy party, and behind him was a pack of dogs ready to eat shit?

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Next theory:

origin of shit eating grin

Okay, a bit more #real is an insane person who is crazy and just simply gets joy from eating shit.

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Mental illness is not funny and Ketch being a special ed teacher prevents me from being about to make any hilarious r*tard jokes, so I’ll just move on to the next one…

reddit reasons for the origins of shit eating grin.PNG

Well, Momma Tayls (who will NEVER read this blog so this isn’t even brown-nosing) never really made bad tasting food so… CAN’T RELATE!!

(NOTE: Momma Tayls made food with butter in/on everything – “butter is better” was a real phrase in our house – and we drank WHOLE milk… Things tasted GREAT in the Taylor house and despite what SOME liberals these days might think, that diet produced four extremely fit men. Genetics Results are all that matter)

However, I get the premise behind this one… Some food TASTES like shit, you know – not literal fecal matter, but you have to smile through the pain.

Not bad, I could get behind that one.


internet answers for the origins of shit eating grin.PNG


You’re caught with your hand in the cookie jar, you’re caught with your pants down, you’re caught EATING SHIT!!

Image result for shit eating grin gif

The “or doing anything else you’re embarassed to be caught doing” at the end has me in tears.

I imagine this commenter is ABSOLUTELY shameless as he can’t think of ANYTHING other than eating shit as an example of something to be embarrassed by.

Oh boy… is there more?

internet answers for the origins of shit eating grin eat shit.PNG


Yelling, “Eat shit!” at someone usually is one of my more, “I’m done with you” kinda phrases, like I can’t take them seriously, so I think I can get behind this.

Regardless, if it came from a dog eating shit, a human eating shit, pretending to like food that tastes like shit, or telling someone to eat shit… I think we can all agree that “shit eating grin” is a hilarious term for something we all just know when we see it – like a duck or porn.

Welp, that concludes today’s Friday learning session with Taylor.

Hopefully the next time I blog won’t be another 11 days