Scar, as we all know, was one of the most evil characters in Disney, nay, cinematic history.  He killed his brother to become king of Pride Rock, convinced his nephew that he was actually the one to kill his own father, and then proceeded to run Pride Rock directly into the shitter, while presumably getting his cock sucked by all the lionesses.  Everything was going exactly according to plan.  He even had all the lionesses convinced that it was indeed Simba that murdered their beloved Mufasa, which brings us to this scene:

Has anyone, in the history of anything, ever gone from the top of the top, to the bottom of the gutter quicker?  He had Simba cooked.  Absolutely cooked.  All he had to do was simply launch Simba off the cliff as soon as he told him he killed Mufasa.  Then guess what, Scar?  You’re still king.  You’re still having your lion dick sucked by all the lionesses.  The hyenas are still on your side and everything is just peachy (for you).  Instead, Scar gave Simba a couple seconds to really digest what he just heard, and well, that was all Simba needed.

This is yet another example of someone getting way too cocky before they met their demise.  We’ve seen it for too often.  Scar was just the jungle version of Swaggy P:

The jungle version of DeSean Jackson

The jungle version of Rufio

I mean Rufio, come on man.  You can’t drop a “looky looky I got Hooky” unless you got a foot on Hook’s chest and your sword to his throat.  And the same thing goes for Scar.  I get that it was probably really satisfying for Scar to tell Simba that he lied to him and basically ruined his life and childhood town, but you know what would be more satisfying?  If he just killed Simba and kept the reign.  Don’t get too cute, guys.  Just take a page out of Dignam’s book and don’t even give them a chance.