I am about two weeks away from ending my summer commute from hell.

Because of AMTRAK track maintenance, my usual hour and fifteen minute commute into the city is now averaging an hour and forty five.

For those keeping score at home, that is an additional hour (total) EVERYDAY that I have to sit on a train to get me to (or out of) the city that never sleeps smells like garbage*.

But it’s not all bad – I now have a routine on my commute that includes reading while I’m on the nicer NJ Transit part of my commute (reading like REAL books, which is hilarious to me because before 2019 I don’t think I read a single book since like freshman year of high school, and now I’ve read a shit-ton… is this what getting old is? Or am I getting gay or something?) and then when I get off at Hoboken and transfer to the grosser, shittier PATH trains, I just scroll Twitter and like every Knicks/Yankees/Bachelor tweet I can find in hopes that one day I’m accepted by any of those Twitter cults (I’d say I am very much NOT accepted as it currently stands), and I screenshot any tweet that might pique my interest in regards to a blog I might want to write about that day – obviously it doesn’t show considering I blog once every 10 days now.

But that brings me to what piqued my interest today!!

(“Pique” is an incredible word to spell – so fun!)

I saw a video of Bernie Sanders punching a speedbag, and it was… BRUTAL.

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Visual representation of me shooting my shot

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If you are running for president, you just CAN NOT let a video like this get out there… That would CRIPPLE your chances.

If you are losing in fights to inanimate objects, how are you going to even potentially take down the leader of the free world? Donny SHREDDED “Little Marco,” “Lying Ted” and “Low Energy Jeb” – but if Bernie has content like this laying around, could you imagine what Trump could do with THAT?


We can’t have a president who loses fights when he is the only person in said fight. We just can’t.

Our president needs to be able to go toe-to-toe with Kim Jong and Putin and whoever-is-in-charge-in-China – not be surprised when a speedbag comes bag at him… Sad!


* = Speaking of the city smelling like garbage, as I was walking down 33rd Street today, right outside MSG there was roadkill which, to a small town boy like me, looked to be a squirrel. But there are no squirrels in NYC. Only rats. So by 9am I had already gotten to step within inches of a dead rat! Isn’t that great?! GOD NEW YORK CITY IS THE BEST!!!