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Leading up to tonight’s fourth & final preseason game, which btw 29 teams’ fanbases probably don’t give a shit about (but Giants fans get to see Daniel Jones ball out so at least WE care), I wanted to state my final stance on the New York Football Giants quarterback disaster situation, so that when it all comes true, I can go back and reference this blog as sufficient evidence that I’m a genius.

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Eli is going to start until he goes 4-6 (with the wins against the Zeke-less Cowboys in Week 1, the Bucs, Skins and Cards).

Yes, that means we’ll have just lost to the Jets, which is pretty much so demoralizing that we’ll all believe this season is over and we’re complete garbage. The media will shred us and that this is a waste and it’s time for Eli to be over and done with (despite his stats PROBABLY being as consistent as always, as I love to point out).

However, now we’re at our Bye week and coming out of it, Shurmur will give the nod to the rookie.

Danny Jones will come in with little to no hopes of making the playoffs… Then he will ABSOLUTELY #ShockTheWorld with a win IN Chicago over tit kissing Mitch. People will chalk the win up to “beginner’s luck” but then he’ll beat Aaron Rodgers the next week…

Wait, were his preseason stats NOT a joke?!

After another win against the Eagles on Monday Night Football, the Giants will be all ESPN can talk about. 7-6. IN the playoff hunt!

The Dolphins will get rolled (Fitz’ magic rarely lasts to December), we’ll easily beat Washington AGAIN, which brings us to 9-6 and facing the Eagles at home, Week 17.

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I’m thinking the division will be on the line and there will be a strong “he’s never had this kind of pressure before” narrative on DJ as he goes up against Wentz. Everyone will count the Giants out.

They’re hot, but they’re not ready to take on Philly.

And then Danny does what he’s done every time he’s taken the field for our Big Blue – he’ll prove the haters wrong.

At 10-6, boy we made it – PLAYOFFS!!!

I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but boy oh boy, if we face the Patriots (of course they’ll be there, they’re ALWAYS there) this year, that little snippet about Tom Terrific telling Saquon he’s gotta do it for a few more years is going to be a MEDIA DAY FRENZYYYY!!!

I guess I talked myself into it… Super Bowl bound New York Giants, and the QB of our future? Well… Let’s just let this image sink in:

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