Fantasy Football season is upon us and with it came our glorious fantasy drafts.

But I’d like to take a step back even further… to the deciding of fantasy draft orders.

Typically fantasy draft orders are (BORINGLY) decided via a random Yahoo/EPSN simulator… and I gotta say, that sucks soooooooooooooooooooo much.

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There are so many better, more fun ways to decide your order, and I want to share a couple of the best I’ve personally experienced.

Get all your captains together and run a 40-yard dash… Fastest 40 gets the #1 overall pick, 2nd fastest gets #2 and so on. I did this about 6 years ago and honestly have to say it was one of the best (and funniest) ways to decide an order. Of course we had some hardo’s really go for #1, which gets the competitive juices flowing, but we also had one guy just walk the 40 and take last place, and another guy trip and fall who totally wasn’t me and this absolutely is NOT my way of getting it off my chest to the world, so yes, it ends up hilarious.

If you don’t like that idea, let me hit you with another one…

In my longest tenured fantasy league with Ketch¬†and Junior, the commissioner (who I won’t say is Ketch but definitely, maybe is Ketch) every year will record a video of himself putting all our names in a bowl and lottery style pick our names out one by one… shirtless… WHILE a porno is playing in the background loudly enough that you get to hear it every so often and are reminded that you’re watching a shirtless man select your fantasy football draft order with porn on. It’s exceptional.

But you know what? Maybe you’re neither into physical activity NOR are you into watching a video of your buddy shirtless picking the order with porn playing in the background… and hey, THAT’S OKAY! You’re allowed to have preferences, there are other options!

A co-worker told me about how his league decided the order this year, and not gonna lie, it sounded kinda gay at first… They all got together to draft, and ran a SIMULATED 100-yard dash to determine the order. It’s like a free online computer game (think Ebaumsworld type stuff) and you can assign each “racer” a name (so for my team name, it would read “Alfred Blue My Load“). It’s completely randomized and the odds are all the same, so everyone has a shot at winning.

They gathered around a screen, and away they went…

100 yard dash game online100 yard dash game online part 2100 yard dash game online part 3

I gotta tell ya, I watched a few simulations myself and was like… “Shit, yea, I could see myself gambling on this.

Here’s the link, basically just keep clicking ‘Next’ the first time and then after you figure it out, edit names and whatever. I guess you can also add photo’s to each “racer” which has gotta be hilarious.

Anyway, maybe this gives you a more fun of an idea than just letting some robot on ESPN/Yahoo decide your fate.

If you & your league decide your draft order better, PLEASE shout in the comments below so I can totally read them and definitely not steal them or modify them to be my own and better.

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